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imathe base of some cases of the demonstrative pronoun id/am- q.v (accusative sg. m. im/am- f. im/ām-; Nominal verb plural m. im/e-,etc.;irregular genitive case sg. im/asya- [once]) .
krī cl.9 P. A1. krīṇ/āti-, krīṇīte- (future parasmE-pada kreṣyat- ; ind.p. krīv/ā- ), to buy, purchase (with instrumental case of the price, and ablative or genitive case of the person from whom anything is bought exempli gratia, 'for example' k/a im/am indraṃ daś/abhir dhen/ubhir m/ama krīṇāti-,who will buy this indra- of me for ten cows? ; yam mātā-pitror antikāt-[or sakāśāt-] krīṇīyāt-whom he may buy from his father and mother ; krīṇīṣva tad daśabhiḥ suvarṇaih-,buy that for ten suvarṇa-s): Causal P. krāpayati- ([ confer, compare Hibernian or Irish creanaim,"I buy, purchase" ; Greek Lithuanian prekis,perku(?); Latin pretium; English hire.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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