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dṛṃh or dṛh- cl.1 P. d/ṛṃhati-, to make firm, fix, strengthen etc. (parasmE-pada dṛṃh/antam- ) ; A1. te-, to be firm or strong etc. (trans. = P.only in dṛṃh/ethe- dṛṃhāmahai- ) ; cl.4 P. A1. only imperfect tense dṛhya- and hyasva-, be strong ; cl.1. darhati-, to grow ; perfect tense dadarha- or dadṛṃha- ; parasmE-pada A1. dādṛhāṇ/a-, fixing, holding ; fixed, firm ; Aorist /adadṛhanta-, they were fixed or firm : Causal P. A1. dṛṃhayati-, te-, to make firm, fix, establish

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