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duh (originally dugh- see d/ughāna-, dugha-etc., and the initial dh-of some forms) cl.2 P.A1. dogdhi- ; dugdhe- or duh/e- etc. (plural A1. duhat/e-, ; duhrate-, ; duhr/e-, ; imperfect tense P. /adhok-, ; duh/ur- ; A1. adugdha-[according to Aorist ] plural aduhra-,i sg. aduha- plural hra- [ see ]; imperative dhukṣva- sg. duh/ām- ; plural duhr/ām-, r/atām- ; dhuṅgdhvam- ; subjunctive dohat-[3 plural hān- ], hate- ; Potential duhīyat- ; y/an-, ; A1. hīta-, ; parasmE-pada P. duh/at- A1. duhān/a-, d/uhāna-,and d/ugh- ; cl.6 P. A1. duh/ati-, te- etc.; cl.4. duhyati-, te- ; perfect tense dud/oha-[ hitha- ], duduh/e-,3 plural duduhur-[ dudūhur- ] etc.; A1. duduhre- [ hrire-]; future dhokṣyati-, te- ; Aorist /adhukṣat-, ṣata-[3 sg. plural ], adukṣat-, ; dukṣata-,3 sg. ; imperative dhukṣ/asva- ; Potential dhukṣīm/ahi- ; infinitive mood dogdhum- etc.; dogdhos- ; duh/adhyai-and doh/ase- ; ind.p. dugdhvā- ) to milk (a cow or an udder) figuratively take advantage of (see) , enjoy ; to milk or squeeze out, extract (milk, soma- exempli gratia, 'for example' any good thing) ; draw anything out of another thing (with 2 accusative) etc. ; (mostly A1.) to give milk, yield any desired object (accusative,rarely genitive case) etc. etc.: Passive voice duhy/ate- Aorist adohi- ( ) to be milked, to be drawn or extracted from etc.: Causal doh/ayati-, te- Aorist adūduhat- Passive voice dohy/ate-, to cause to milk or be milked ; to milk, milk out, extract : Desiderative d/udukṣati- (), dudhukṣati- ( see dudhukṣu-), to wish to milk.
Bloomfield Vedic
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adhā hi tvā jagṛbhrire # RV.4.7.2c.
tās te viṣaṃ vi jabhrire (AVP. jahrire) # RV.1.191.14c; AVP.4.17.6c.
trir asmai sapta dhenavo duduhre (SVṣvidh. duduhrire) # RV.9.70.1a; SV.1.560a; 2.773a; Svidh.3.3.4.
pra rudriyā jabhrire yajñiyāsaḥ # RV.1.72.4b.
magham indrāya jabhrire # VS.20.67d; KS.38.9d; TB. See madyam etc.
madyam indrāya jabhrire # MS.3.11.4d: 145.2. See magham etc.
maho ye dhanaṃ (MS.KS. dhanā; TS. ratnaṃ) samitheṣu jabhrire # RV.10.64.6d; VS.9.17d; TS.; MS.1.11.2d: 162.16; KS.13.14d; śB.
ye asyā ācaraṇeṣu dadhrire # RV.1.48.3c.
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