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hnu cl.2 A1. () hnut/e- (Vedic or Veda and Epic also hnauti-and hnavati-, te-; perfect tense juhnuve- grammar; Aorist ahnoṣṭa- ; future hnotā-, hnoṣyate- ; infinitive mood hnotum- ; ind.p. hnutya- ; generally with prepositions; see apa--, api--, ni-hnu-etc.) , to hide from (dative case) ; to drive or take away : Passive voice hnūyate- (Aorist ahnāvi-) grammar : Causal hnāvayati- (Aorist ajuhnavat-) : Desiderative juhnūṣate- : Intensive johnūyate-, johnoti- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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