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hanyate: third person singular passive system present class han
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nihanP. -hanti- (imperative -jahi- ; parasmE-pada -ghn/a- etc.; 3- sg. A1. -jighnate- ; parasmE-pada jighnamāna- ; perfect tense -jaghāna- etc.;3. plural -jaghnur-, nire- ; future -haniṣyati-, te-, -haṃsyati- ; parasmE-pada -haniṣy/at- ; ind.p. -hatya- [ see a-nihatya-]; infinitive mood -hantave- ; -hantum- ), to strike or fix in, hurl in or upon or against (locative case) etc. ; to make an attempt upon, attack, assail (accusative locative case or genitive case) ; to strike or hew down (also -mow ), kill, overwhelm, destroy etc. etc. (also applied to planets ) ; to hit, touch (literally and figuratively) ; to beat (a drum) ; to punish, visit, afflict ; to attach to (Passive voice -hanyate-,to be fixed upon, with locative case) ; to drop, lower, let sink (hands, wings etc.) ; to speak with the unaccented tone id est with the anudātta- ; (in arithmetic) to multiply commentator or commentary Causal See ni-ghāta-, taya-.
parihanP. -hanti-, to wind round ; to extinguish (fire) ; Passive voice -hanyate-, to be changed or altered (varia lectio prati-h-) ; to cease, perish (varia lectio -hīyate-).
pratihanP. -hanti- (Epic also A1. perfect tense -jaghne-), to beat against (genitive case) ; to attack, assail ; to strike down ; to crush, break ; to put on a spit ; to strike in return, strike back, ward off remove, dispel, check, prevent, frustrate etc. ; (with ājñām-), to disregard a command : Passive voice -hanyate-, to be beaten back etc. etc. ; to be kept away from or deprived of (ablative) : Causal -ghātayati- See under prati-gha-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saṃhanP. -hanti-, (ind.p. -hatya- q.v), to strike or put together, join, shut, close (eyes, wings, hands) etc. ; to beat together, make solid ; to put together id est frame, fabricate ; (A1.) to rush together (in battle), meet, encounter (instrumental case) ; (jighnate-), to meet as a friend (instrumental case) ; (P.) to break, crush, kill, destroy : Passive voice -hanyate-, to be put together or joined, join, unite (intr.) ; to become compact or solid : Causal -ghātayati-, to strike together, kill, destroy utterly View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sampratihan Passive voice -hanyate-, to hurt one's self, strike (instrumental case) against View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
upahanP. -hanti- A1. -jighnate-, to beat, hit at, strike, touch ; to stick on, put on, force in, ram ; to take hold of, seize, take out ; to hit, hurt, damage, visit, afflict, impede, spoil etc. ; to make a mistake in reciting, blunder : Passive voice -hanyate- ; 2. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vihan(often wrong reading for ni-han-) P. -hanti-, to strike apart or asunder, disperse, shatter, break, destroy ; to beat asunder, extend (a skin) ; to tear off ; to unbind, loosen (hair) ; to ward off, repel ; to keep back, withhold, refuse ; to hinder, interrupt, disturb, prevent, frustrate, annihilate etc.: Passive voice -hanyate-, to be frustrated or disappointed, exert one's self in vain : Causal -ghātayati-, te-, to beat, vanquish, defeat ; (A1.) to afflict, distress, annoy ; to interrupt, disturb on : Desiderative -jighāṃsati-, to wish to interrupt or disturb : Intensive (-jījahi-?), to harm, injure
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han han slay, II. hántṙ, i. 85, 9; ii. 33, 15; smite, v. 83, 23. 9; I. jíghna slay, viii. 29, 4; pf. jaghá̄na, ii. 12, 10. 11; ps. hanyáte, iii. 59, 2; ds. jíghāṃsa, vii. 86, 4.
Bloomfield Vedic
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na hanyate na jīyate tvotaḥ RV.3.59.2c; TS.; MS.4.10.2c: 146.14; KS.23.12c.
na yasya hanyate sakhā # RV.10.152.1c; AVś.1.20.4c; AVP.2.88.1c.
na sa jīyate maruto na hanyate # RV.5.54.7a.
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