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gurukarmann. any affair of a spiritual teacher View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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gurukarman n. affair of the teacher; -kârya, n. important business; -kula, n. teacher's house: -vâsa, m. sojourn in a teacher's house, tutelary stage in a Brâhman's life; -krita, pp. made much of, lauded; -kratu, m. great sacrifice; -griha, n. pre ceptor's house; -gana, m. venerable person, father, mother, parents; -talpa, m. teacher's conjugal bed; violation of one's preceptor's bed: -ga, -gâmin, a. defiling a teacher's conjugal bed, -½abhigamana, n. violation of one's teacher's bed; -talpin, a. = -talpa ga; -tâ, f. heaviness; importance; dignity; condition of a teacher; -tva, n. id.; proso dical length: -ka, n. heaviness; -darsana,n. sight of one's teacher; -dâra, m. teacher's wife; -dhur, f. pl. severe task; -patnî, f. teacher's wife; -pûgâ, f. reverence towards a teacher; -prasâdanîya, fp. obliging to one's teacher; -prasûta, pp. permitted or bidden by elder relatives; -bhâryâ, f. teacher's wife.
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