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ghoram: neuter nominative singular stem: ghora
ghoram: masculine accusative singular stem: ghora
ghoram: neuter accusative singular stem: ghora
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bhairavam1.7.19MasculineSingularbhīṣaṇam, pratibhayam, bhīṣmam, ghoram, bhīmam, bhayānakam, dāruṇam, bhayaṅkaramhorrer
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घोरम्ind. "dreadfully", very much gaRa kāṣṭādi- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
अघोरमार्गm. a particular sect of śaiva-s who eat loathsome food and are addicted to disgusting practices. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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ghoram extremely fierceSB 9.15.28
ghoram fearfulSB 1.6.13
ghoram fearsomeSB 10.62.1
SB 10.89.50
ghoram ghastlySB 1.7.15
ghoram harmful to othersBG 17.5-6
ghoram horribleBG 11.49
ghoram intolerantSB 4.8.36
ghoram severeSB 2.5.7
ghoram terribleSB 3.15.35
ghoram very fearfulSB 6.12.24
ghoram very severeSB 8.1.8
ghoram which brings terrible sufferingSB 11.13.9-10
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ghoramukhī noun (feminine) name of a goddess
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