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√घिण्ण्ghiṇṇtaking, receiving / grahaṇa372/2Cl.1
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ghiṇṇ (fr. PrakritgeNh,giNh=grah) cl.1 A1. ṇṇate-, to take, grasp (see ghuṇṇ-, ghṛṇṇ-.) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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ghāsaḥ घासः See under घस्. घिण्ण् ghiṇṇ घुण्ण् ghuṇṇ घृण्ण् ghṛṇṇ घिण्ण् घुण्ण् घृण्ण् 1 Ā. To seize, take, grasp.

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