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gautamī गौतमी 1 N. of Kṛipī, wife of Droṇa. -2 An epithet of the Godāvarī. -3 The teaching of Buddha. -4 The Nyāya system of philosophy propounded by Gautama. -5 Turmeric. -6 A kind of yellow pigment. -7 An epithet of Durgā. -8 N. of the river Gomatī. गौधारः gaudhārḥ धेयः dhēyḥ धेरः dhērḥ गौधारः धेयः धेरः (= गोधिकात्मजः Pāṇ.4.1.129- 3) A lizard living in the hollows of trees (Bengali तोक्के) L. D. B.
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