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gamayatī: neuter nominative dual causative stem: gamayat.
gamayatī: neuter accusative dual causative stem: gamayat.
gamayati: neuter locative singular causative stem: gamayat.
gamayati: masculine locative singular causative stem: gamayat.
gamayati: third person singular present causative present class parasmaipadagam
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abhigam -gacchati-, to go near to, approach (with accusative) ; to follow ; to meet with, find ; to cohabit (said of men and women) ; to undertake ; to get, gain, obtain etc. ; (with m/anasā-,or medh/ayā-or h/ṛdayena-) to understand : Causal -gamayati-, to study View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
āgamP. -gacchati- (imperative -gacchatāt- ;2. sg. -gahi-[frequently, in ], once -gadhi-[ ]; perf. -jag/āma- etc.; Potential -jagamyāt- ; subjunctive -gamat-; Aorist 3. sg. -agāmi- ; subjunctive 2. dual number -gamiṣṭam- ) to come, make one's appearance, come near from (ablative) or to (accusative or locative case), arrive at, attain, reach etc. ; (generally with p/unar-) to return etc. ; to fall into (any state of mind), have recourse to ; to meet with (instrumental case) : Causal (imperative 2. sg. -gamaya-) to cause to come near ; -gamayati-, to announce the arrival of (accusative) on ; (Potential A1. -gamayeta-; perf. P. -gamayām-āsa-) to obtain information about (accusative), ascertain ; to learn from (ablative) : A1. -gamayate- ( commentator or commentary) to wait for (accusative), have patience : Intensive -ganīganti-, to approach repeatedly (accusative) : Desiderative (parasmE-pada -jigamiṣat-) to be about to come View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
anugamcl.1 P. -gacchati-, -gantum-, to go after, follow, seek, approach, visit, arrive ; to practise, observe, obey, imitate ; to enter into ; to die out, be extinguished: Causal -gamayati-, to imitate cause to die out. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
gam Ved. cl.1 P. g/amati- (; subjunctive gamam-, g/amat-[ gamātas-, gamātha- ], gamāma-, gaman- ; Potential gam/ema- ; infinitive mood g/amadhyai- ) : cl.2 P. g/anti- (; imperative 3. sg. gantu-,[2. sg. gadhi-See ā--,or gahi-See adhi--, abhy-ā--, ā--, upā--],2. plural g/antā-or gantana- ; imperfect tense 2. and 3. sg. /agan-[ ] , 1. plural /aganma-[ ; confer, compare ] , 3. plural /agman- ; subjunctive [or Aorist subjunctive confer, compare ]1. plural ganma-,3. plural gm/an- ; Potential 2. sg. gamyās- ; preceding 3. sg. gamy/ās- ; pr. p. gm/at-, ) : cl.3 P. jaganti- (; Potential jagamyām-, yāt- ; imperfect tense 2. and 3. sg. ajagan-,2. plural ajaganta-or tana- ) : Ved. and Class. cl.1 P. (also A1. etc.) , with substitution of gacch- ([= ]) for gam-, g/acchati- (confer, compare ; subjunctive cchāti- ;2. sg. gacchās-[ ] or gacchāsi-[ ];2. plural gacchāta- ;3. plural g/acchān- ; imperfect tense /agacchat-; Potential gacchet-; pr. p. g/acchat- etc.; Aorist agamat- ;for A1.with prepositions confer, compare future gamiṣyati- etc.; 1st future g/antā-[ ] etc.; perf. 1. sg. jagamā-[ ],3. sg. jagāma-,2. dual number jagmathur-,3. plural jagm/ur- etc.; parasmE-pada jaganv/as-[ etc.] or jagmivas- f. jagm/uṣī- etc.;Ved. infinitive mood g/antave-, g/antav/ai-;Class. infinitive mood gantum-:Ved. ind.p. gatvāya-, gatv/ī-;Class. ind.p. gatv/ā-[ etc.] , with prepositions -gamya-or -gatya- ) to go, move, go away, set out, come etc. ; to go to or towards, approach (with accusative or locative case or dative case [ ; confer, compare ] or prati-[ ]) etc. ; to go or pass (as time exempli gratia, 'for example' kāle gacchati-,time going on, in the course of time) ; to fall to the share of (accusative) etc. ; to go against with hostile intentions, attack ; to decease, die ; to approach carnally, have sexual intercourse with (accusative) etc. ; to go to any state or condition, undergo, partake of, participate in, receive, obtain (exempli gratia, 'for example' mitratāṃ gacchati-,"he goes to friendship" id est he becomes friendly) etc. ; jānubhyām avanīṃ-gam-,"to go to the earth with the knees", kneel down ; dharaṇīṃ mūrdhnā-gam-,"to go to the earth with the head", make a bow ; m/anasā-gam-, to go with the mind, observe, perceive ; (without m/anasā-) to observe, understand, guess ; (especially Passive voice gamyate-,"to be understood or meant") and ; doṣeṇa- or doṣato-gam-, to approach with an accusation, ascribe guilt to a person (accusative) : Causal gamayati- (; imperative 2. sg. Ved. gamayā-or gāmaya-[ ] , 3. sg. gamayatāt- ; perf. gamay/āṃ cakāra- etc.) to cause to go ( ) or come, lead or conduct towards, send to (dative case ), bring to a place (accusative [ ] or locative case) etc. ; to cause to go to any condition, cause to become etc. ; to impart, grant ; to send away ; "to let go", not care about ; to excel ; to spend time etc. ; to cause to understand, make clear or intelligible, explain ; to convey an idea or meaning, denote ; (causal of the causal) to cause a person (accusative) to go by means of jigamiśati- another : Desiderative j/igamiṣati- ( jigāṃsate- ; imperfect tense ajigāṃsat- ) to wish to go, be going ; to strive to obtain ; to wish to bring (to light, prak/āśam-) : Intensive j/aṅganti- (), jaṅgamīti- or jaṅgamyate- ( ), to visit (parasmE-pada g/anigmat-) (imperfect tense aganīgan-) ; ([ confer, compare ; Gothic qvam; English come; Latin venioforgvemio.])
nigamP. -gacchati- (often wrong reading -yacchati-), to settle down upon or near (accusative or locative case) ; inire feminam ; to enter, resort to, undergo, incur, become (with accusative exempli gratia, 'for example' śāntim-,to become pacified ) ; to enter id est be inserted (see ni-gama-below) ; to acquire knowledge : Causal gamayati-, to cause to enter, insert ; to conclude, sum up View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nirgamP. -gacchati- (subjunctive -gamāṇi- perfect tense parasmE-pada -jaganvān- ; ind.p. -gatya- etc., -gamya- ), to go out, come forth (often with bahis-), depart from (ablative), set out, start etc. ; to come out or appear (as a bud) ; to go away, disappear ; to enter into any state, undergo (accusative) ; (with nidrām-) to fall asleep : Causal -gamayati-, to cause or order to set out : Desiderative -jigamiṣate-, to wish to set out View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
parigamP. -gacchati- (Aorist -agamat- ; -gman- ; perfect tense -jagmatuḥ- ; parasmE-pada -jaganvas- ; ind.p. -g/atyā- ; -gamya- ; infinitive mood -gantum- ) , to go round or about or through, circumambulate, surround, inclose etc. ; to come to any state or condition, get, attain (accusative) : Passive voice -gamyate- : Causal -gamayati-, to cause to go round, to pass or spend (time) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
samāgamP. -gacchati-, to come together (in a friendly or hostile manner;also sexually), meet, be united with (instrumental case with and without saha-,or rdham-) etc. ; to come together (as heavenly bodies in conjunction or occultation) ; to come to, come near, approach, arrive at (accusative or locative case) etc. ; to come back, return from (ablative) ; to meet with, come upon, find (accusative) : Causal -gamayati-, to cause to come together, bring together, unite one thing or person (accusative) with another (instrumental case or locative case) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saṃgamA1. -gacchate- (rarely P. ti-,and according to to only with an object; perfect tense -jagme-;Vedic forms etc. -gamemahi-, -gamāmahai-, -ajagmiran-, -agata-[3. sg. ], -aganmahi-, -agasmahi-,or -agaṃsmahi-, -gmiṣīya-, -gasīṣṭa-or -gaṃsīṣṭa-, -gaṃsyate-etc.; see 1. gam-and ), to go or come together, come into contact or collision, meet (either in a friendly or hostile manner), join or unite with (instrumental case with and without saha-or rdham-) etc. ; to unite sexually with (accusative) ; to harmonize, agree, fit, correspond, suit ; to go to or towards, meet (accusative) ; to come together or assemble in (locative case) ; to undergo or get into any state or condition, become (exempli gratia, 'for example' with viśrambham-,"to become trustful, confide") ; (P.) to partake of (instrumental case) ; to go away, depart (this life), decease, die ; (P.) to visit (accusative) : Causal -gamayati- (ind.p. -gamayya-), to cause to go together, bring together, connect or unite or endow or present with (instrumental case of Persian and accusative of thing) etc. ; to lead any one to (two accusative) ; to deliver or hand over to (locative case), transfer, bestow, give ; to connect, construe (words) ; to cause to go away or depart (this life), kill () : Desiderative -jigaṃsate-, to wish to meet with (instrumental case). ; -jigāṃsati-, to wish to attain to (accusative) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
udgamP. -gacchati- (Ved. imperfect tense 1. plural -aganma-) to come forth, appear suddenly, become visible : etc. ; to go up, rise (as a star), ascend, start up etc. ; to go out or away, disappear etc. ; to spread, extend : Causal -gamayati-, to cause to rise ; to cause to come out or issue (as milk from the mother's breast), suck. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
upagamP. -gacchati- (infinitive mood -gantav/ai- ) to go near to, come towards, approach, arrive at, reach, attain, visit (with accusative and rarely dative case) etc. ; to come upon, attack ; to press hard upon etc. ; to occur, happen, present itself etc. ; to undertake, begin ; to approach (a woman sexually) ; to enter any state or relation, undergo, obtain, participate in, make choice of, suffer etc. ; to admit, agree to, allow, confess: Causal -gamayati-, to cause to come near or approach : Desiderative -jigamiṣati-, to wish to approach, desire to go View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vigamP. -gacchati-, to go asunder, sever, separate ; to go away, depart, disappear, cease, die etc. etc.: Causal -gamayati-, to cause to go or pass away, speed (time) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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