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gamayate: neuter dative singular causative stem: gamayat.
gamayate: masculine dative singular causative stem: gamayat.
gamayate: third person singular present causative present class ātmanepadagam
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āgamP. -gacchati- (imperative -gacchatāt- ;2. sg. -gahi-[frequently, in ], once -gadhi-[ ]; perf. -jag/āma- etc.; Potential -jagamyāt- ; subjunctive -gamat-; Aorist 3. sg. -agāmi- ; subjunctive 2. dual number -gamiṣṭam- ) to come, make one's appearance, come near from (ablative) or to (accusative or locative case), arrive at, attain, reach etc. ; (generally with p/unar-) to return etc. ; to fall into (any state of mind), have recourse to ; to meet with (instrumental case) : Causal (imperative 2. sg. -gamaya-) to cause to come near ; -gamayati-, to announce the arrival of (accusative) on ; (Potential A1. -gamayeta-; perf. P. -gamayām-āsa-) to obtain information about (accusative), ascertain ; to learn from (ablative) : A1. -gamayate- ( commentator or commentary) to wait for (accusative), have patience : Intensive -ganīganti-, to approach repeatedly (accusative) : Desiderative (parasmE-pada -jigamiṣat-) to be about to come View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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