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cl.3 P. j/igāti- (; jagāti-, (varia lectio); subjunctive j/igāt-; imperative j/igātu-; Aorist agāt-;3. plural agan- ; subjunctive [1. sg. geṣam-See anu--and upa--],2. sg. g/ās-,3. sg. gāt-,2. plural gāt/a-,3. plural gur-;[ perf. jigāya-See ud--], perf. Potential jagāyāt-[ ] ; infinitive mood g/ātave- ;in Class. Sanskrit only the Aorist P. agāt-occurs, for A1.See adhi--; Aorist Passive voice agāyi-, agāsātām- on ; cl.2 P. g/āti- ; A1. gāte- ) to go, go towards, come, approach (with accusative or locative case) etc. ; to go after, pursue ; to fall to one's (dative case) share, be one's (accusative) due, ; to come into any state or condition (accusative), undergo, obtain etc. ; to go away (from ablative;to any place locative case) ; to come to an end ; to walk (on a path accusative or instrumental case) ; (jigāti-) to be born on : Desiderative jigīṣati-, to desire to go ; ([ confer, compare , ; Old German ga1m,ga1s,etc.; Gothic ga-tvo; English go.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
gat gat/a-, g/ati-, etc. See gam-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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