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atiśayaḥ1.1.67MasculineSingularbhṛśam, gāḍham, tīvram, atimātram, ativelam, dṛḍham, nitāntam, nirbharam, atyartham, bharaḥ, bāḍham, ekāntam, udgāḍhammuch or excessive
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ekāntamind. solely, only, exclusively, absolutely, necessarily, by all means, in every respect, invariably etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
ekāntamatimfn. having the mind fixed on one object View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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ekāntam exclusivelyMM 3
ekāntam overlyBG 6.16
ekāntam solelyCC Antya 8.67-68
ekāntam who has full faith in the one SupremeSB 5.20.33
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ekāntam indeclinable (zusammen, z.b. ~rühren)
Frequency rank 27280/72933

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