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dyaus: masculine nominative singular stem: div
dyaus: neuter nominative singular stem: div
dyaus: feminine nominative singular stem: div
dyaus: masculine vocative singular stem: div
dyaus: neuter vocative singular stem: div
dyaus: feminine vocative singular stem: div
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pīlumatī(pīl/u--) f. (with dyaus-) the central or middle region of the sky (between udan-vatī- and pra-dyu-) = View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vasumf(u-or -)n. of a particular class of gods (whose number is usually eight, and whose chief is indra-, later agni- and viṣṇu-;they form one of the nine gaṇa-s or classes enumerated under gaṇa-devatā- q.v;the eight vasu-s were originally personifications, like other Vedic deities, of natural phenomena, and are usually mentioned with the other gaṇa-s common in the veda-, viz. the eleven rudra-s and the twelve āditya-s, constituting with them and with dyau-s,"Heaven", and pṛthivī-,"Earth"[or, according to some, with indra- and prajā-pati-, or, according to others, with the two aśvin-s], the thirty-three gods to which reference is frequently made;the names of the vasu-s, according to the viṣṇu-purāṇa-, are, 1. āpa- [connected with ap-,"water"];2. dhruva-,"the Pole-star";3. soma-,"the Moon";4. dhava- or dhara-;5. anila-,"Wind";6. anala- or pāvaka-,"Fire";7. pratyūṣa-,"the Dawn";8. prabhāsa-,"Light";but their names are variously given; ahan-,"Day", being sometimes substituted for 1;in their relationship to Fire and Light they appear to belong to Vedic rather than Puranic mythology) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Macdonell Vedic Search
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dyo dyó, m. heaven, N. dyáus, iv. 51, 11; x. 90, 14; acc. dyá̄m, i. 35, 7. 9; 154, 4; ii. 12, 2. 12; iii. 59, 1; N. pl. f. dyá̄vas, i. 35, 6 [Gk. Ζεύς, Ζη̂ν, Lat. diem].
Macdonell Search
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div m. f. (nm. dyaús; middle base dyú) heaven; m. radiance, brilliance; day; -am gam or yâ, go to heaven; die; dyúbhih, for days, for a long time.
praditsu des. a. intending to give (ac.); -div, 1. f. (nm. -dyaús) third and uppermost heaven (in which the fathers dwell); also the fifth of seven heavens; -dív, 2. a. of former days, long existing, ancient: ab. from of old, ever; -dís, f. indication, guidance, order, dominion (V.); direction, point of the compass; intermediate point, half-quarter (e.g. north-east): ac. pl. in all directions.
Bloomfield Vedic
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dyaus te dadātu pṛthivī pratigṛhṇātu HG.1.13.17. See dyaus tvā dadātu.
dyaus te nakṣatraiḥ saha TS.; KSA.10.6c. See sūryas te etc., and cf. next but one.
dyaus te pitā pṛthivī mātā śś.4.18.5. Cf. under dyauḥ pitā.
dyaus te pṛthivy antarikṣam VS.23.43a. Cf. prec. but one.
dyaus te pṛṣṭhaṃ rakṣatu vāyur ūrū SMB.1.1.12a; HG.1.19.7a; ApMB.1.4.10a (ApG.2.5.2); JG.1.20a.
dyaus te pṛṣṭhaṃ pṛthivī sadhastham VS.11.20a; TS.;; 7.25.1a; MS.2.7.2a: 75.15; 3.1.4: 5.3; KS.16.2a; 19.3; KSA.5.5a; śB.; TB. Ps: dyaus te pṛṣṭham Apś.16.2.9; 20.16.18; 17.1; 21.6,10; Mś.; dyaus te Kś.16.2.18. See under dyauḥ pṛṣṭhaṃ.
dyaus tvā dadātu pṛthivī (PG. pṛthivī tvā) pratigṛhṇātu Aś.5.13.15; PG.3.15.22. P: dyaus tvā PG.3.15.23,24. See dyaus te dadātu.
dyaus tvā dīkṣamāṇam anudīkṣatām TB.; Apś.10.11.1.
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dyausthāna noun (neuter)
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