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dvikarmaka: masculine vocative singular stem: dvikarmaka
dvikarmaka: neuter vocative singular stem: dvikarmaka
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dvikarmakamfn. having 2 objects or accusatives View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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dvikarmaka a. having two ob jects, governing two accusatives; -gava, a. yoked with two oxen; -gu, m. numeral com pound (the first member being a numeral); (í) guna (or á), a. double, twofold; twice as great or much as (ab., --°ree;); folded double: -tara, cpv. id., -tâ, f., -tva, n. duplication.
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dvikarmakaa term used in connection with roots governing two objects or two words in the accusative case, exempli gratia, for example दुह् in, गां दोग्धि पयः; the term कर्म according to the strict definition of the term कर्तुरीप्सिततमं कर्म or अाप्यं कर्म applies to one of the two, which is called the प्रधानकर्म or the direct object, the other one, which, in fact, is related to the verbal activity by relation of any other karaka or instrument is taken as karmakaraka and hence put in the accusative case. For details see Mahabhasya and Kasika on P.I.4.51. Some roots in their causal formation govern two objects out of which one object is the actual one while the other is the subject of the primitive root. exempli gratia, for example गमयति माणवकं ग्रामम्; बोधयति माणवकं धर्मम्; cf Kas on P.I.4.52. See for details Mahabhasya on P. I. 4.52.
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karmadvayayuktā kriyā।

adhyāpakaḥ dvikarmakakriyāyāḥ viṣaye pāṭhayati।

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