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"dustyajam" has 3 results
dustyajam: neuter nominative singular stem: dustyaja
dustyajam: masculine accusative singular stem: dustyaja
dustyajam: neuter accusative singular stem: dustyaja
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10 results
dustyajam difficult to avoidSB 4.12.2
dustyajam difficult to free oneself fromSB 10.84.61
dustyajam difficult to give upSB 6.10.5
dustyajam difficult to relinquishSB 7.5.36
dustyajam impossible to give upSB 10.72.23
dustyajam very difficult to give upCC Antya 7.47
SB 10.1.58
SB 10.47.61
SB 6.16.13
SB 9.9.15
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