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durgayā: feminine instrumentative singular stem: durga
durgāya: masculine dative singular stem: durga
durgāya: neuter dative singular stem: durga
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durgayam. ( ji-?) Name of an author. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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sudina a. (RV.) clear, bright (day, morning); n. (V., C.) bright sky, fine day, clear weather; good day, happy time: -tâ, f. clear weather, -tva, n. brightness (of days), fig. happy time (RV.); -dív, a.shining brightly (Agni; RV.); -divá, n. beautiful day (AV.); -divasa, n. id. (C.); -dîtí, f. bright flame (RV.); a. brilliant, flaming (RV.); -dîrgha, a. very long (of time and space); -duhkha, a. very laborious or diffi cult, to (inf.): -m, ad. very sorrowfully; -duhkhita, pp. greatly afflicted, very unhappy; -dukûla, a. made of very fine ma terial; -dúgha, a. (V.) milking well (cow); nourishing, bountiful: â, f. good milch-cow (V.); -durgaya, a.very hard to overcome or conquer; m. kind of military array; -dur bala, a. extremely weak; -durbuddhi, a. very foolish; -durmanas, a. very despon dent; -durlabha, a. very hard to obtain; very difficult to (inf.); -duskara, a. very inaccessible; very hard to perform (penance); -duhsrava, a. very unpleasant to hear; -dushprasâdhya, fp. very hard to over come; -dustara, a. very difficult to cross; very hard to perform; -duhsaha, a.very difficult to bear; invincible; -duha, a. willingly milked (cow); -dûra, a. very distant: -m or °ree;--, ad. very far; greatly, altogether, very; ab. from afar; (sú)-dridha, pp. very firm or strong; -retentive (memory); vehe ment, intense; -dris, a. (f. C. id.; V. -î) keen-sighted (V., C.); fair, considerable (RV.); fair-eyed, gnly. f. (fair-eyed) woman (C.); -drishta, a. keen-sighted; -devá, m. good or true god (V.); a. (V.) favoured by the gods; meant for the right gods; m. N.; -devyã, n. host of the good gods (RV.); -dyút, a. shin ing brightly (RV.); -dyumná, a. id. (RV.1); m. (C.) N.; -dviga, a. having beautiful teeth; -dhánvan, a. having an excellent bow; m. a mixed caste (offspring of outcast Vaisya); N.; assembly hall of the gods; -dharman, a. practising justice; m. assembly hall of the gods; -dharmâ, f. id.
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durgayānam, jīpayānam   

caturṇāṃ cakrāṇāṃ ekaḥ yānaviśeṣaḥ।

durgayāne upaviśya vayaṃ nagare bhramitum agacchan।

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