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durgaha Is mentioned in a hymn of the Rigveda, where his grandsons are lauded for their generosity, though Sāyana renders the word adjectivally. In another passage of the Rigveda, however, Sāyana sees in the epithet Daurgaha a description of Purukutsa as Durgaha’s son, who was either captured by the enemy or slain, and whose wife, Purukutsānī, then obtained a son, Trasadasyu, to restore the line; he also quotes a story, not found in the Brhaddevatā, to support this interpretation. On the other hand, the śatapatha Brāhmana seems to take Daurgaha as meaning a horse. Sieg thinks that the same sense should be adopted in the Rigveda passage, which he interprets as referring to the sacrifice of a horse, Daurgaha, by King Purukutsa to gain a son; he also sees in Dadhikrāvan, with Pischel and Ludwig, a real horse, the charger of Trasadasyu. The śatapatha Brāhmana's inter­pretation of Daurgaha is, however, doubtful, and cannot be regarded as receiving support from the case of Dadhikrāvan, who was probably a divinity, and not a real horse at all.
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napāto durgahasya me RV.8.65.12a.
agne bādhasva vi mṛdho vi durgahā (TB.Apś. mṛdho nudasva) # RV.10.98.12a; MS.4.11.2a: 167.12; KS.2.15a; TB.; Aś.2.13.8; Apś.7.6.7a.
indro viśvāny ati durgahāṇi # RV.6.22.7d; AVś.20.36.7d.
tarantaḥ syāma durgahā # RV.8.43.30c.
nāham ato nir ayā durgahaitat # RV.4.18.2a.
bṛhaspatir nayatu durgahā tiraḥ # RV.10.182.1a. Cf. BṛhD.8.79.
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