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dihyate: third person singular passive system present class dih
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dih cl.2 P. A1. degdhi-, digdhe- (subjunctive -d/ehat- ; perfect tense dideha-, didihe- ; future dhekṣyati-, degdhā- ; Aorist adhikṣat-, ta-,3. plural ṣur- ; adigdka- ) to anoint, smear, plaster etc. ; increase, accumulate : Causal dehayati-, te- etc. ; Aorist adīdihat-: Desiderative didhikṣati-, te- ; dhīkṣate- (), to wish to anoint one's self: Intensive dedihyate-, dedegdhi-. ([Fr. originally dhigh-; confer, compare, , ; Latin fingo,figulus,figura; Gothic deigan,gadigis; O.E.da1h; English dough; German Teig.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saṃdihP. -degdhi-, to smear, besmear, cover etc. ; to heap together ; A1. -digdhe- (pr. p. -dihāna-,or -dehamāna-), to be doubtful or uncertain (said of persons and things) : Passive voice -dihyate-, to be smeared over or covered, be confused, confounded with (instrumental case) ; be indistinct or doubtful or uncertain etc.: Causal -dehayati-, to make indistinct or uncertain, confuse, perplex ; (A1.) to be doubtful or uncertain (in saṃ-dehayāna- varia lectio -dehamāna-)

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