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dyut cl.1 A1. dy/otate- (also ti-) etc. (perfect tense didyute-, parasmE-pada tān/a- [ see ], didy/ota- ; dyutur-. ; Aorist adyutat-and /adidyutat- ; /adyaut- , adyotiṣṭa- , parasmE-pada P. dyutat- A1. tān/a-or dy/utāna- ; future dyotiṣyati- ; ind.p. dyutitvā-or dyot- ; -dyutya- ) to shine, be bright or brilliant: Causal dyotayati-(te-, ) to make bright, illuminate, irradiate ; to cause to appear, make clear or manifest, express, mean : Desiderative dedyutiṣati- or didyot- : Intensive d/avidyot-, 3. plural dyutati- ; dedyutyate- , to shine, glitter, be bright or brilliant View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saṃvidyut(only -didyutat-and -adyaut-), to flash or shine together or in rivalry View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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acikradat svapā iha bhuvat (AVP. bhavat) # AVś.3.3.1a; AVP.2.74.1a. P: acikradat Vait.9.2; Kauś.16.30. See adidyutat etc.
ūrdhvā yasyāmatir bhā adidyutat (VSK. atidyutat) savīmani # AVś.7.14.2a; SV.1.464c; VS.4.25c; VSK.4.8.3c; TS.; MS.1.2.5c: 14.6; KS.2.6c; śB.; Aś.4.6.3c; śś.5.9.7c; N.6.12.
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