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dhatte: third person singular present present class 3 ātmanepadadhā
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dhā cl.3 P. A1. d/adhāti-, dhatt/e- etc. (P. dual number dadhv/as-, dhatth/as-, dhatt/as-[ ]; plural dadhm/asi-or m/as-, dhatth/a-, dādhati-; imperfect tense /adadhāt- plural dhur-, plural /adhatta-or /adadhāta- ; subjunctive d/adhat-or dhāt-[ ], dhas-, dhatas-, dhan-; Potential dadhy/āt-; imperative dādhātu- plural dhatu-;2. sg. dheh/i-[fr. dhaddhi-; confer, compare ] or dhattāt- ;2. plural dhatt/a-, , dhattana-, , d/adhāta-, ,or tana-, [ confer, compare ]; parasmE-pada d/adhat-, ti- m. plural tas-; A1.1. sg. dadh/e-[at once3. sg. equals dhatt/e- and= perfect tense A1.],2. sg. dh/atse-, or dhats/e- dual number dadh/āthe-, dh/āte-;2. plural dhidhv/e-[ confer, compare perfect tense ];3. plural d/adhate- ; imperfect tense /adhatta-, tthās-; subjunctive d/adhase-, [ ]; Potential d/adhīta- dadhīt/a-, ; imperative 2. sg. dhatsva-, or dadhiṣva-, ;2. plural dhaddhvam-[ ]or dadhidhvam- ,etc.;3. pl. dadhatām- ; parasmE-pada d/adhāna-) ; rarely cl.1 P. A1. dadhati-, te- ; only thrice cl.2 P. dh/āti- ; and once cl.4 A1. Potential dhāyeta- (pf.P. dadh/au-, dh/ātha-, dhatur-, dhim/ā-, dhur- etc.; A1. dadh/e-[ confer, compare proper ], dadhiṣ/e-or dhiṣe- ;2.3. dual number dadh/āthe-, dh/āte-,2. pl. dadhidhv/e-[ confer, compare proper ];3. plural dadhir/e-, dadhre-, ,or dhire-, ; parasmE-pada d/adhāna-[ confer, compare proper ]; Aorist P. /adhāt-, dh/āt-, dh/ās-; adh/ur-, dh/ur- etc.; Potential dheyām-, yur-; dhetana- ; 2. sg. dhāyīs- ; imperative dh/ātu-[ confer, compare ];2. plural dh/āta-or tana-,3. plural dhāntu- ; A1. adhita-, thās-, adhītām-, adhīmahi-, dhīmahi-, dhimahe-, dhāmahe- ;3. sg. ahita-, hita- ; subjunctive dh/ethe- , dhaithe-, ; imperative dhiṣv/ā-, ; P. adhat- ; dhat- ; P. dhāsur- subjunctive sathas-and satha- ; A1. adhiṣi-, ṣata- ; Potential dhiṣīya- [ ]; dheṣīya- ; future dhāsyati-, te-or dhātā- etc.; infinitive mood dh/ātum- etc.;Ved. also tave-, tav/ai-, tos-; dhiy/adhyai- ;Class. also -dhitum-; ind.p. dhitv/ā- ; hitvā-[ ], -dh/āya-and -dh/ām- : Passive voice dhīy/ate- etc.[ ] , p. dhīy/amāna- ; Aorist /adhāyi-, dh/āyi- [ ]; preceding dhāsīṣṭa-or dhāyiṣīṣṭa-[ ]) to put, place, set, lay in or on (locative case) etc. etc. (with daṇḍam-,to inflict punishment on [with locative case ,with genitive case ];with tat-padavyām padam-,to put one's foot in another's footstep id est imitate, equal ) ; to take or bring or help to (locative case or dative case;with ār/e-,to remove) ; (A1.) to direct or fix the mind or attention (cintām-, manas-, matim-, samādhim-etc.) upon, think of (locative case or dative case), fix or resolve upon (locative case dative case accusative with prati-or a sentence closed with iti-) ; to destine for, bestow on, present or impart to (locative case dative case or genitive case) etc. (Passive voice to be given or granted, fall to one's [dat.] lot or share ) ; to appoint, establish, constitute ; to render (with double accusative) ; to make, produce, generate, create, cause, effect, perform, execute etc. (Aorist with pūrayām-, mantrayām-, varayām-etc. equals pūrayām-etc. cakāra-) ; to seize, take hold of, hold, bear, support, wear, put on (clothes) etc. ; (A1.) to accept, obtain, conceive (especially in the womb), get, take (with /okas-or c/anas-,to take pleasure or delight in [loc. or dative case ]) ; to assume, have, possess, show, exhibit, incur, undergo : Causal -dhāpayati- (See antar-dhā-, śrad-dhā-etc.) : Desiderative dh/itsati-, te- () , to wish to put in or lay on (locative case) (Class. Passive voice dhitsyate-; dhitsya-See sub voce, i.e. the word in the Sanskrit order) ; d/idhiṣati-, te-, to wish to give or present ; (A1.) to wish to gain, strive after (parasmE-pada d/idhiṣāṇa-, ) : with avady/am-, to bid defiance (confer, compare didhiṣ/āyya-, didhiṣ/u-): Intensive dedhīyate- [ confer, compare Zend da1,dadaiti; Greek ,; Lithuanian dedu4,de4ti; Slavonic or Slavonian dedja,diti; Old Saxon duan,do7n, Anglo-Saxon do7n,; German tuan;tuon,thun.]
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dhatte dhānyaṃ patyate vasavyaiḥ RV.6.13.4d.
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dhatte (the devotee) placesSB 11.4.10
dhatte acceptSB 5.1.13
dhatte acceptsSB 1.2.23
SB 2.10.36
SB 7.2.22
dhatte assumes its positionSB 11.22.17
dhatte eternally acceptsSB 1.15.35
dhatte executesSB 3.5.13
dhatte givesCC Antya 1.150
SB 6.1.51
dhatte has takenSB 4.8.26
dhatte He acceptsSB 8.5.22
dhatte He assumesSB 3.17.31
dhatte he assumesSB 7.14.41
dhatte He impregnatesSB 11.6.16
dhatte He performsSB 8.1.13
dhatte is manifestedSB 1.10.25
dhatte manifestsSB 10.87.46
dhatte one possessesSB 7.15.45
dhatte possessesSB 6.8.32-33
dhatte she inflictsSB 3.27.24
dhatte take placeSB 1.19.14
dhatte takes upon HimselfSB 10.74.3
abhidhatte repeatsSB 3.32.43
abhidhatte expoundsSB 3.33.37
abhidhatte he accepts as worshipableSB 5.14.29
abhidhatte designates as the object of worshipSB 11.21.43
abhidhatte directly describes (like a dictionary meaning)CC Madhya 6.142
abhidhatte set forthCC Madhya 20.147-148
ādhatte putsSB 4.29.33
ādhatte maintainsSB 10.86.56
ādhatte acceptsSB 11.10.9
anusandhatte knewSB 7.4.38
tanūḥ dhatte accepts the forms of incarnationsSB 8.24.5
tanūḥ dhatte accepts the forms of incarnationsSB 8.24.5
tirodhatte diminishesSB 3.7.12
vidhatte as He regulatesSB 3.5.5
vidhatte He performsSB 3.5.7
vidhatte can performSB 3.7.14
vidhatte executesSB 3.13.49
vidhatte awardsSB 3.16.25
vidhatte He performsSB 3.25.3
vidhatte he attributesSB 3.28.36
vidhatte carry onSB 3.33.3
vidhatte givesSB 5.11.16
vidhatte makesSB 5.13.16
vidhatte He givesSB 5.19.27
vidhatte makesSB 5.21.3
vidhatte performsSB 6.11.23
vidhatte prescribeSB 11.3.44
vidhatte enjoins (in the ritualistic karma-kāṇḍa)SB 11.21.42
vidhatte enjoins in sacrificeSB 11.21.43
vidhatte establishesSB 11.22.30
vidhatte createsSB 11.28.34
vidhatte directCC Madhya 20.147-148
vidhatte they ordainCC Madhya 20.147-148
vidhatte He givesCC Madhya 22.40
vidhatte He givesCC Madhya 24.103
vidhatte He givesCC Madhya 24.199

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