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dhanyam: neuter nominative singular stem: dhanya
dhanyam: masculine accusative singular stem: dhanya
dhanyam: neuter accusative singular stem: dhanya
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dhanyammanyamfn. thinking one's self fortunate View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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dhanyam all-auspiciousMM 34
dhanyam auspiciousCC Madhya 7.1
dhanyam bestowing wealthSB 4.12.45
dhanyam brings wealthSB 6.13.22-23
dhanyam conferring wealthSB 3.19.38
dhanyam fully successfulSB 1.3.40
dhanyam gloriousSB 8.1.32
dhanyam increases one's fortuneSB 5.14.46
dhanyam the source of richesSB 4.23.35
dhanyam with the desire for an increase of opulenceSB 6.14.35
mūrdhanyam on the headSB 1.7.55

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