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devanandinm. "rejoicing the gods", Name of one of indra-'s doorkeepers View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
devanandinm. of a grammarian View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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"devanandin" has 2 results.
devanandincalled also पूज्यपाद or पूज्यपाददेवनन्दिन् believed to have lived in the fifth century A. D. and written the treatise on grammar, of course based om Panini Sutras, which is known as जैनेन्द्र-व्याकरण or जैनेन्द्रशब्दानुशासन. The writer of this grammar is possibly mentioned as जैनेन्द्र in the usually guoted verse of Bopadeva :इन्द्रश्चन्द्रः काशकृत्स्नापिशली शाकटायनः पाणिन्यमरजैनेन्द्र जयन्त्यष्टादेिशाब्दिकाः. देवनन्दिन् was a great Jain saint and scholar who wrote many works on Jain Agamas of which सर्वार्थसिद्धि, the commentary on the तत्त्वार्थाधिगमसूत्र, is well-known.
devanandina Jain grammarian of the eighth century who is believed to have written a grammar work, called सिद्धान्तसारस्वत-शब्दानुशासन. It is likely that देवनन्दिन् is the same as देवानन्दि-पूज्यपाद and the grammar work is the same as जैनेन्द्रशब्दानुशासन for which see देवनन्दिन् .

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