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daghnactaddhita affix. affix दघ्न prescribed optionally with द्वयस and मात्र in the sense of measure ( प्रमाणे ), with ङीप् ( ई ) to be added further to form the feminine. base, e. g. जानुदघ्नम्, जानुद्वयसम्, जानुमात्रम् , जानुदघ्नी, confer, compare P. V. 2.37 and IV.1.15; दघ्नच् is added optionally along with अण् as also with द्वयस and मात्र to the words पुरुष and हस्तिन् exempli gratia, for example पुरुषद्वयसम्, पौरुषम् पुरुषदघ्नम्, पुरुषमात्रम्; confer, compare P. V. 2.38.
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