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dadhyacm. (Nominal verb -/aṅ- accusative -/añcam-; dative case dhīc/e- genitive case dhīc/as-; see ) "sprinkling d/adhi- " (see dhi-kr/ā-and ghṛtāī-) Name of a mythical ṛṣi- or sacrificer ( and [called aṅgiras-] [ āṅgirasa-] ;son of atharvan-[ see ātharvaṇ/a-] ;having the head of a horse and teaching the aśvin-s to find in tvaṣṭṛ-'s house the m/adhu-or soma- ;favoured by indra- [ ] who slays 99 vṛtra-s or foes with a thunderbolt made of his bones ;propounder of the brāhmaṇa- called m/adhu- ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
dadhyac -anna-, etc. See above. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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dadhisyati दधिस्यति Den. P. To wish for curds; also दध्यस्यति. दधीचः dadhīcḥ चिः ciḥ दध्यच् dadhyac दधीचः चिः दध्यच् N. of a celebrated sage, who became ready to die, and offered his bones to the gods; with these bones the architect of the gods made a thunderbolt with which Indra defeated Vṛitra and other demons. -Comp. -अस्थि n. 1 the thunderbolt of Indra. -2 a diamond.
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