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dadhat: neuter nominative singular stem: dadhat.
dadhat: neuter nominative singular stem: dadhat.
dadhat: masculine nominative singular stem: dadhat.
dadhat: neuter accusative singular stem: dadhat.
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dadhat dádhat, pr. pt. bestowing, i. 35, 8; with á̄ (following), x. 34, 6 [dhā put].
       Bloomfield Vedic
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dadhat poṣaṃ rayiṃ mayi TS.; 5.5.2c; 6.6.3c; MS.1.5.1c: 66.13. See dadhad rayiṃ.
dadhat sahasriṇīr iṣaḥ RV.1.188.2c.
dadhat stotre suvīryam RV.9.20.7c; 62.30c; 66.27c; 67.19c; SV.2.324c,662c. Cf. dadhad asme.
dadhatha no draviṇaṃ yac ca bhadram MS.1.10.3c: 143.9. See datto.
dadhatho ratnaṃ vidhate janāya RV.4.44.4d; AVś.20.143.4d.
paryādadhati sarvadā # AVś.12.2.51d.
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dadhat carryingSB 12.11.14-15
dadhat carrying in his handSB 11.17.23
dadhat concentratingSB 9.5.26
dadhat exhibitingSB 10.32.14
SB 3.21.8
dadhat fixingSB 11.15.11
dadhat gave attentionSB 10.12.1
dadhat holdingSB 7.15.45
dadhat manifestedSB 1.10.25
dadhat obtainingCC Antya 14.73
dadhat one should keepSB 7.12.21
dadhat oozing forthCC Antya 19.76
dadhat placedSB 3.3.3
dadhat placingSB 11.14.36-42
dadhat wearingSB 12.11.11-12
dadhataḥ adventedSB 1.1.17
dadhataḥ who take onSB 10.87.29
dadhatī expandingSB 8.8.17
dadhati placeSB 4.4.16
dadhati renderSB 10.87.32
dadhati turnSB 10.87.35
dadhatyaḥ givingSB 10.33.21
adadhat has assumedSB 10.58.37
ādadhat placingSB 11.15.16
antaḥ-dadhate will disappearSB 3.3.15
sandadhati api although she was joining one after anotherSB 10.9.17
antaḥ-dadhate will disappearSB 3.3.15
sandadhat fixingSB 10.50.23
sandadhate performsSB 7.8.40
sandadhati api although she was joining one after anotherSB 10.9.17
sandadhatyāḥ who was placingSB 10.33.12
śraddadhatām of one who gives full respect and attentionSB 2.1.10
śraddadhate respect very muchSB 4.6.44
śraddadhate are eagerSB 6.18.21
śraddadhate you believe inSB 7.7.17
śraddadhatī now having complete faithSB 11.8.40
vidadhat always thinking ofSB 5.9.3
vidadhat executing, offeringSB 9.4.21
vidadhat providingSB 10.35.12-13
vidadhat placing HimSB 10.71.18
vidadhat assumingSB 10.85.20
vidadhat offeringCC Antya 9.77
vidadhataḥ performedSB 1.1.18
vidadhataḥ exhibitingSB 10.29.15
vidadhate take toSB 6.3.26
vidadhati performSB 4.31.21
vidadhati executeSB 10.87.28
vidadhatīm makingSB 5.2.6
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