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dabhyate: third person singular passive system present class dabh
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dabh or dambh- cl.1. (subjunctive d/abhat-and bhāti- ; plural bhanti-, , bhan-, and ; Potential bheyam- and cl.5.) dabhn/oti- ("to go"; imperative nuhi- ; see A1., Passive voice dabhyate- ; perfect tense dadābha-, ; d/ambha-[ ] ; plural debhur-[ Va1rtt. 4 ] ;also dadambhur-and debhitha-or dadambhitha- ; Aorist plural dadabhanta- ; adambhiṣur- ) to hurt, injure, destroy ; to deceive, abandon : Causal (subjunctive and p. damebh/ayat-;2. sg. yas-, ya-) to destroy ; dambhayati- or dābh-, to impel ; dambkayate-, to accumulate, : Desiderative d/ipsati- (subjunctive [ ] and parasmE-pada d/ipsat-) to intend to injure or destroy ; dhips-, dhīps-, didambhiṣati- Pa1n2. 7-2, 49 and 4, 56 (i, 2, 10 ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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dabh दभ् दन्भ् I. 1, 5 P. (दभति or दभ्नोति, दब्ध; desid. धिप्सति, धीप्सति, दिदभिषति) 1 To injure, hurt. -2 To deceive, cheat. -3 To go. -II. 1 U. (दम्भयति-ते) To impel, propel, drive onward. अस्मान् कदा चना दभन् Rv.1.84.2.

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