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dānam: neuter nominative singular stem: dāna
dānam: neuter accusative singular stem: dāna
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prakramaḥ2.4.26MasculineSingularabhyādānam, udghātaḥ, ārambhaḥ, upakramaḥ
sādhīyaḥ3.3.243NeuterSingularādānam, mūlam, śāpaḥ, patnī, parijanaḥ
śaktiḥ3.3.73FeminineSingulardānam, avasānam
śastram3.3.187NeuterSingularācchādanam, yajñaḥ, sadādānam, vanam
sthānam3.3.124NeuterSingulardānam, nyāsārpaṇam, vairaśuddhiḥ
tyāgaḥ2.7.31MasculineSingularaṃhatiḥ, prādeśanam, vitaraṇam, utsarjanam, apavarjanam, pratipādanam, viśrāṇanam, dānam, nirvapaṇam, sparśanam, visarjanam, vihāyitam
nidānamNeuterSingularprimary cause
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dānamañjarīf. Name of work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
dānamanoharam. Name of work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
dānamayamf(ī-)n. consisting in liberality View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
dānamayūkham. Name of work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
godānamaṅgalan. a ceremony performed with the side-hair of a youth of 16 or 18 years (when he has attained puberty and shortly before marriage) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
mahiṣīdānamantram. Name of work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nityānnadānamāhātmyan. Name of work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
purāṇadānamāhātmyan. Name of chapter of View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sāvadānamind. (see 2. avadāna-) with interruption (?) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
varadānamayamf(ī-)n. caused by the granting of a request, arising from the bestowal of a favour or boon View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yathāpradānamind. in the same order as the offering (was made) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yathāvadānam(thāv-) ind. part by part, portion by portion View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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dānam दानम् [दा-ल्युट्] 1 Giving, granting, teaching, &c. (in general); giving in marriage (cf. कन्यादान). -2 Delivering, handing over. -3 A gift, donation, present; Ms.2.158; दातव्यमिति यद्दान दीयते$नुपकारिणे Bg.17.2; Y.3.274. -4 Liberality, charity, giving away as charity, munificence; R.1.69; दानं भोगो नाशस्तिस्रो गतयो भवन्ति वित्तस्य Bh.2.43; दानं हि उत्सर्गपूर्वकः परस्य स्वत्वसम्बन्धः ŚB. on MS.4.1.3; ननु दानमित्युच्यते स्वत्वनिवृत्तिः परस्वत्वा- पादनम् च । ŚB. on MS.6.7.1. -5 Ichor or the uicej that exudes from the temples of an elephant in rut; स दानतोयेन विषाणि नागः Śi.4.63; Ki.5.9; V.4.25; Pt.2.75 (where the word has sense 4 also); R.2.7;4.45;5.43. -6 Bribery, as one of the four Upāyas or expedients of overcoming one's enemy; see उपाय. -7 Cutting, dividing. -8 Purification, cleaning. -9 Protection. -1 Pasture. -11 Adding; addition. -नः Ved. 1 Distribution (of food), meal, especially a sacrificial meal. -2 Part, possession, share. -3 A distributor. -Comp. -काम a. liberal. -कुल्या the flow of rut from an elephant's temples. -तोयम् दानवारि q. v. -धर्मः alms-giving, charity. -पतिः 1 an exceedingly liberal man. -2 Akrūra, a friend of Kṛiṣṇa; Bhāg.1.36.29. -पत्रम् a deed of gifts. -पात्रम् 'a worthy recipient', a Brāhmaṇa fit to receive gifts. -पारमिता perfection of liberality. -प्राति- भाव्यम् security for payment of a debt. -भिन्न a. made hostile by bribes; लुब्धानुजीविकैरेष दानभिन्नैर्निहन्यते H.4.39. -वज्रः an epithet of the Vaiśyas or men of the third tribe; वैश्या वै दानवज्राश्च Mb.1.17.52. -वर्षिन् an elephant in rut, infatuated elephant; दानवर्षी कृताशंसो नागराज इवाबभौ Ki.15.45. -वार् n. libation of water. -वारि n., ichor flowing from the temples of elephants. -वीरः 1 a very liberal man. -2 (In Rhet.) the sentiment of heroism arising out of liberality, the sentiment of chivalrous liberality, e. g. Paraśurāma who gave away the earth with its seven continents; cf. the instance given in R. G. under दानवीरः:-- कियदिदमधिकं मे यद् द्विजायार्थयित्रे कवचमरमणीयं कुण्डलं चार्पयामि । अकरुणमवकृत्य द्राक्कृ- पाणेन निर्यद् बहलरुधिरधारं मौलिमावेदयामि ॥ -व्यत्यासः giving to a wrong person. -शाला hall for almsgiving. -शील, -शूर, -शौण्ड a. exceedingly liberal or munificent; निर्गुणो$पि विमुखो न भूपतेर्दानशौण्डमनसः पुरो$भवत् Śi.14.46.
atidānam अतिदानम् Manificence, liberality; अतिदाने बलिर्बद्धः Chān.5.
anupradānam अनुप्रदानम् 1 A gift, donation. -2 A sort of external effort of the vocal organs giving rise to particular letters (बाह्यप्रयत्न); एते श्वासानुप्रदाना अघोषाश्च विवृण्वते Sk.
apadānam अपदानम् दानकम् [अपदायति परिशुध्यति येन कर्मणा, दै करणे ल्युट्] 1 Pure conduct, approved course of life; (परिशु- द्धाचरणम्). -2 A great or noble work, excellent work दृष्टापदाना विक्रान्तास्त्वया सत्कृत्य मानिताः Rām.2.1.31. (perhaps for अवदानम् q. v.). -3 A work well or completely done, an accomplished work; कथितेषु जनैरमुष्य राजन् अपदानेषु विशिष्य कौतुकं नः Rām. ch.2.18. -4 A legend treating of former and future births of men and exhibiting the consequences of their good and evil actions.
apapradānam अपप्रदानम् A bribe.
apādānam अपादानम् 1 Taking away, removal; ablation; a thing from which another is removed. -2 (in gram.) The sense of the ablative case; ध्रुवमपाये$पादानम् P.I.4.24; अपादाने पञ्चमी II.3.28; अपाये यदुदासीनं चलं वा यदि वा$चलम् । ध्रुवमेव तदावेशात्तदपादानमुच्यते ॥ Hari.; अपादान is of three kinds:- निर्दिष्टविषयं किंचिदुपात्तविषयं तथा । अपेक्षितक्रियं चेति त्रिधापादानमिष्यते ॥ e. g. वृक्षात् पत्रं पतति, मेघाद्विद्योतते विद्युत्, & कुतो भवान्.
abhivyādānam अभिव्यादानम् 1 Suppressed sound. -2 Repetition of the same sound.
abhyādānam अभ्यादानम् 1 Beginning, commencement, first beginning; ओमभ्यादाने P.VIII.2.87 (˚ने = आरम्भे Sk.).
ādānam आदानम् 1 Taking, receiving, accepting, seizing, कुशाङ्कुरादानपरिक्षताङ्गुलिः Ku.5,11; आदानं हि विसर्गाय सतां वारिमुचामिव R.4.86. -2 Earning, getting. -3 A symptom (of a disease). -4 Binding, fettering (from आदा 2 P.). -5 A horse's trappings. -6 An action; आदानमुभयाश्रयम् Bhāg.2.1.24. -7 Subjugating, overpowering; अथवा मन्त्रवद् ब्रूयुरात्मादानाय दुष्कृतम् Mb.12.212. 3. -नी N. of a plant हस्तिघोषा (Mar. घोसाळें). -Comp. -समितिः A method of cautious seizing so that no creature be hurt. It is one of the पञ्चसमितिs or rules of careful conduct in Jaina.
uddānam उद्दानम् [दो बन्धने ल्युट्] 1 Binding, confinement; उद्दाने क्रियमाणे तु मत्स्यानां तत्र रज्जुभिः Mb.12.137.14. -2 Taming, subduing. -3 The middle, the waist. -4 A fire-place. -5 The submarine fire. -6 Entrance of the sun into a zodiacal sign. (संक्रान्त).
upadānam उपदानम् नकम् 1 An oblation, a present (in general). -2 A gift made for procuring favour or protection, such as a bribe.
upapradānam उपप्रदानम् 1 Delivering over, entrusting. -2 A bribe, present; Rām.6.13.7. उपप्रदानैर्मार्जारो हितकृत्प्रा- र्थ्यते जनैः Pt.1.95. -3 A tribute.
upādānam उपादानम् 1 Taking, receiving, acquisition, obtaining; विश्रब्धं ब्राह्मणः शूद्राद् द्रव्योपादानमाचरेत् Ms.8.417; 12.7; विद्या˚ K.75. -2 Taking away, appropriating to oneself. -3 Employment, using; becoming familiar with. -4 Mention, enumeration; किमास्योपादाने प्रयोजनम् Mbh.I.1.9. -5 Saying, speaking. -6 Including, containing. -7 Withdrawing the organs of sense and perception from the external world and its objects. -8 A cause; motive, natural or immediate cause; पाटवोपादानः भ्रमः U.3. v. l.; प्रकृष्टपुण्य- परिपाकोपादानो महिमा स्यात् U.6. -9 The material out of which anything is made, the material cause; निमित्तमेव ब्रह्म स्यादुपादानं च वेक्षणात् adhikaraṇamālā. -1 A mode of expression in which a word used elliptically, besides retaining its own primary sense, conveys another (in addition to that which is actually expressed); स्वसिद्धये पराक्षेपः ... उपादानम् K. P.2. -11 (With Buddhists) conception; grasping at or clinging to existence (caused by तृष्णा and causing भव). (With Rāmānujas) preparation (of perfumes, flowers &c. as one of the five elements of worship). -12 Effort of body or speech. -13 N. of the four contentments mentioned in सांख्यकारिका as प्रकृत्युपादानकालभागाख्याः Sāṅ. K.5. -Comp. -कारणम् a material cause; प्रकृतिश्चोपादान- कारणं च ब्रह्माभ्युपगन्तव्यम् Ś. B. -लक्षणा = अजहत्स्वार्था q. v.; see K. P.2; S. D.14.
nidānam निदानम् 1 A band, rope, halter; उदुस्रियाणामसृजन्नि- दानम् Rv.6.32.2. -2 A rope for tying up a calf; बालजेन निदानेन कांस्यं भवतु दोहनम् Mb.13.94.41. -3 A primary cause, the first or essential cause; निदानमिक्ष्वाकुकुलस्य सन्ततेः R.3.1; अथवा बलमारम्भो निदानं क्षयसम्पदः Śi.2.94. -4 A cause in general; मुञ्च मयि मानमनिदानम् Gīt.5. -5 (in medicine) Inquiry into the causes of a disease, pathology. -6 Diagnosis of a disease. -7 End, termination. -8 Purity, purification, correctness. -9 Claiming the reward of penitential acts. -Comp. -स्थानम् one of the departments of medical science, Pathology.
parādānam परादानम् 1 Giving up or away. -2 Exchanging.
paridānam परिदानम् 1 Barter, exchange. -2 Devotion. -3 Restitution or restoration of a deposit.
paryavadānam पर्यवदानम् Complete destruction or disappearance.
paryādānam पर्यादानम् End, exhaustion.
pratidānam प्रतिदानम् 1 Restoration, giving back, restitution (as of a deposit). -2 Barter, exchange.
pratipradānam प्रतिप्रदानम् 1 Returning, restoring. -2 Giving in marriage.
pratyādānam प्रत्यादानम् 1 Receiving back, resumption. -2 Repetition, reiteration.
pradānam प्रदानम् 1 Giving, granting, bestowing, offering; वर˚, अग्नि˚, काष्ठ˚ &c.; प्रदानं प्रच्छन्नं गृहमुपगते संभ्रमविधिः Bh. 1.63. -2 Giving away in marriage; वैखानसं किमनया व्रतमा प्रदानाद् व्यापाररोधि मदनस्य निषेवितव्यम् Ś.1.26. -3 Imparting, instructing; विद्या˚. -4 A gift, donation, present. -5 A goad. -6 An oblation. -7 Refuting, frustrating (खण्डन); असदेव हि धर्मस्य प्रदानं धर्म आसुरः Mb. 13.45.8 (com.). -Comp. -कृपण a. illiberal; mean or niggardly in making presents. -शूरः a very munificent man, donor.
prasandānam प्रसन्दानम् A rope, a fetter तद् दुर्गद्वितयीदानप्रसन्दानम- मन्यत Śiva. B.15.46.
vyavadānam व्यवदानम् Purification; Buddh.
vyādānam व्यादानम् Opening; कर्णाभ्यर्णविदीर्णसृक्कविकटव्यादानदीप्ता- ग्निभिः Māl.5.13.
śraddānam श्रद्दानम् Faith, belief.
saṃdānam संदानम् 1 A rope, cord. -2 A chain, fetter; 'संदानं पशूनां पादबन्धनम्' इति विश्वः. -3 Cutting, dividing. -4 That part of an elephant's temples whence the ichor (मद) exudes. -नः That part of an elephant under the knee where the fetter is fastened; संदानान्तादस्त्रिभिः शिक्षितास्रैः Śi.18.71.
samādānam समादानम् 1 Receiving fully. -2 Receiving suitable gifts. -3 The daily observances of the Jaina sect. -4 Resolve, determination.
saṃpradānam संप्रदानम् 1 Giving or handing over completely. -2 Bestowal; gift, donation; दीयतां संप्रदानं च परिष्यज्य च वानरान् Rām.4.11.34. -3 Giving in marriage. -4 The sense expressed by the dative case; कर्मणा यमभिप्रैति स संप्रदानम् P.I.4.32. -5 The recipient of a gift; स्तुत्यस्तु कल्पविटपी फलसंप्रदानं कुर्वन् स एष विबुधान् N.11.125.
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dānam TA.10.62.1; MahānU.21.2.
ādadānam āṅgirasi # AVś.12.5.52a.
udānam annenāpyāyasva # TA.10.36.1; MahānU.16.1.
dadānam in na dadabhanta manma # RV.1.148.2a.
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ārambhaḥ, prakramaḥ, upakramaḥ, abhyādānam, udāttaḥ   

kāryādiṣu prathamakṛtiḥ।

āgaccha asya kāryasya ārambhaṃ karavāma।


raktadānam, rudhiradānam   

dānakriyāviśeṣaḥ, anyajanānāṃ upacārārthe yad raktaṃ āvaśyakaṃ tasya sañcayārthe anāmayaiḥ janaiḥ kriyamāṇā raktadānasya kriyā।

śyāmaḥ cikitsālayaṃ gatvā raktadānaṃ kṛtavān।



guptarūpeṇa kṛtaṃ dānam।

śreṣṭhī dhanadayālaḥ guptadānena anyānāṃ āvaśyakatā pūrayati।


ārambhaḥ, prārambhaḥ, ādiḥ, samārambhaḥ, prārabdhiḥ, upakramaḥ, prakramaḥ, udghātaḥ, upodghātaḥ, abhyādānam   

kāryādiṣu prathamakṛtiḥ।

yasya ārambhaḥ samīcīnaṃ jātaṃ tasya antamapi samīcīnaṃ bhavati।



devatādisakāśāt iṣṭaprāpaṇasya kriyā bhāvo vā।

sajjanena taṃ putraprāpteḥ varadānaṃ dattam।


uśīraḥ, abhayam, naladam, sevyam, amṛṇālam, jalāśayam, lāmajjakam, laghulayam, avadāham, iṣṭakāpatham, uṣīram, mṛṇālam, laghu, layam, avadānam, iṣṭam, kāpatham, avadāheṣṭakāpatham, indraguptam, jalavāsam, haripiriyam, vīram, vīraṇam, samagandhikam, raṇapriyam, vīrataru, śiśiram, śītamūlakam, vitānamūlakam, jalamedas, sugandhikam, sugandhimūlakam, kambhu   

mālādūrvāyāḥ sugandhitaṃ mūlam।

vāyuśītake uśīraṃ prayujyate।


rajjuḥ, pāśaḥ, dāma, dāmanī, dāmā, guṇaḥ, sūtram, śaṇatantuḥ, śaṇasūtram, sandānam, rasanā, śullam, śulvaḥ, vaṭaḥ, varāṭaḥ, varāṭakaḥ, dorakaḥ   

kārpāsādibhiḥ vinirmitaṃ dīrghaṃ tathā ca sūtraṃ yat prāyaḥ bandhanārthe upayujyate।

grāmīṇāḥ coraṃ rajjvā badhnanti।



ṣoḍaśamahādānāntargataṃ dānaṃ yasmin manuṣyasya tulāyāḥ yāvat kaścit padārthaḥ dānarūpeṇa dīyate।

śreṣṭhinā māṇikacandreṇa sūryagrahaṇasya samaye paṇḍitebhyaḥ taṇḍulasya tulāpuruṣadānaṃ dattam।



grahaṇādikāle kṛtaṃ dānam।

mahādānena puruṣaḥ mokṣaṃ prāpnoti iti śāstreṣu varṇitam asti।


vitaraṇam, dānam, pradānam, sampradānam   

kasmai api kimapi pradāya tadvastuni tasya svatvotpattyanukūlā kriyā।

pramukhaḥ atithiḥ bālakebhyaḥ puraskārāṇāṃ vitaraṇaṃ karoti।


prāptiḥ, ādānam, prāpaṇam, avāptiḥ, labdhiḥ, upalabdhiḥ   

prāptasya bhāvaḥ।

tasya putraratnasya prāptiḥ abhavat।



kasyacana kiñcanādhikāradānasya kriyā।

aṭala-bihārī-vājapeyī-mahodayena sarvasammatyā lālakṛṣṇa-āḍavānī-mahodayāya upapradhānamantriṇaḥ adhikārapradānaṃ kṛtam।


śikṣaṇam, adhyāpanam, dānam   

śikṣāpradānasya kāryam।

asmin vidyālaye julaimāsasya prathamadināt śikṣaṇam ārabhyate।



dharmārthe śraddhayā dattaṃ dhanam।

ucite kāle dattaṃ dānaṃ phaladāyakaṃ bhavati।



baleḥ arpaṇakriyā।

tena mandire meṣasya balidānaṃ dattam।


ādānam, parigrahaḥ, pratigrahaḥ   

anyasmāt grahaṇasya kriyā।

prativeśinā saha vastūnām ādānaṃ pradānaṃ ca pracalatyeva।



vidhivat saṃkalpena brāhmaṇāya goḥ dānasya kriyā।

prācīnāḥ rājānaḥ godānaṃ kurvanti sma।


apapradānam, upadā, chāyam   

anucitaṃ kāryaṃ svānukūlīkaraṇāya anucitarītyā pradattaṃ dhanadravyādikam।

saḥ apapradānaṃ svīkurvan pratigṛhītaḥ।


anupradānam, aṃhitiḥ, apavargaḥ, apasarjanam, ijyaḥ, utsargaḥ, utsarjanam, udāttaḥ, upasattiḥ, upasadaḥ, dattam, dādaḥ, dānīyam, dāyaḥ, namas, niryātanam, nirvapaṇam, pradānam, vilambhaḥ, viśraṇanam, vihāpitam, sparśanam, apavarjanam   

kasyāpi sāmājike dhārmikādeḥ kāryārthe dānarūpeṇa vibhinnajanāt saṅkalitaṃ dhanādiḥ।

tena mandirārthe saṅkalitena anupradānena svasya gṛhaṃ vinirmitam।



pratinidheḥ varaṇāya svamataprakāśanaṃ yat prāyaḥ guptarītyā bhavati।

matadānasya adhikāraḥ vicāryaiva upayoktavyaḥ।


ātmadānam, ātmatyāgaḥ, ātmotsargaḥ   

anyeṣāṃ kalyāṇāya svahitasya tyāgaḥ।

dadhicinā devānāṃ kalyāṇārthe ātmadānaṃ kṛtvā mṛtyuḥ svīkṛtaḥ।



sahasā grahaṇasya kriyā।

siṃhena ekena eva ādānena barkaraḥ āhataḥ।



dīyamānaṃ vastu।

paṇḍitaḥ dāne ekāṃ gāvaṃ tathā ca kānicana ābhūṣaṇāni prāptavān।


roganidānam, roganirṇayaḥ   

cikitsakena kṛtaḥ rogasya nirṇayaḥ।

roganidānād anantarameva bheṣajam ārabhyate।


ṛṇacchedaḥ, ṛṇaśodhanam, ṛṇadānam, niryātanam   

ṛṇapratyarpaṇasya kriyā।

ṛṇacchedaṃ kṛtvā saḥ anuyogādhīnatāyāḥ muktaḥ jātaḥ।



kasyacit viśeṣakāryasya kṛte sarvakāradvārā sahāyyārthaṃ prāpyamāṇaṃ dhanam।

jalaplāvanena pīḍite pradeśe kendrasarvakāraḥ ekakoṭīrūpyakāṇām anudānam ayacchat।



vyākaraṇaśāstrānusāreṇa yasmai dānaṃ dīyate tad padam।

atithibhyaḥ bhojanaṃ dadātu asmin vākye atithibhyaḥ iti sampradānam।



aṃśarūpeṇa kṛtaṃ dānam।

asyāḥ saṃsthāyāḥ sadasyaiḥ bhūkampagrastānāṃ sāhāyyārthe aṃśadānaṃ dattam।


vitaraṇam, viniyogaḥ, dānam   

janebhyaḥ vastūnāṃ pradānasya kriyā।

dhanikaḥ nirdhaneṣu vastrāṇāṃ vitaraṇasya anantaraṃ annaṃ vitarati।


ātmadānam, ātmaparityāgaḥ   

kasyacit kāryasya kṛte svaprāṇārpaṇam।

bhāratadeśaṃ pāratantryāt mocituṃ naikaiḥ netṛbhiḥ ātmadānam kṛtam।



pitṝṇāṃ tṛptyarthe piṇḍasya dānasya kriyā।

hindūdharmānusāreṇa mṛtyoḥ anantaraṃ piṇḍadānam avaśyaṃ karaṇīyam।


dānam, utsarjanam, upasattiḥ, upasadaḥ, anupradānam, ijyaḥ, utsargaḥ, aṃhitiḥ, upahārakam, upāyanam, aṃhatiḥ   

kenacit dattam vā kasmādapi prāptaṃ vastu।

jīvanam īśvarāt prāptaṃ dānam iti janāḥ manyante।



unnatoddeśena svaprāṇānām arpaṇam।

deśasya svātantryārthaṃ naike vīrāḥ ātmadānaṃ kṛtavantaḥ।


yogadānam, aṃśadānam, dattāṃśaḥ, uddhāraḥ   

kasminnapi kārye sahāyatāpradānam।

sarveṣāṃ grāmasthānāṃ yogadānena asya mandirasya nirmāṇaṃ jātam।



sahāyatārūpeṇa dattaṃ dhanam।

grāmīṇānām ārthikānudānāt etad rugṇālayaṃ nirmitam।



karmacāribhiḥ udyogakālasya samāpteḥ anantaraṃ prāpyamāṇaṃ dhanam।

paridānasya dhanena pitā gṛham akrīṇāt।


adhilābhāṃśaḥ, vetanādhikadānam   

lābhasya saḥ aṃśaḥ yaḥ karmacāriṣu vitīryate।

asmin varṣe āhatya daśasahastrarūpyakāṇāṃ adhilābhāṃśam aprāpnot।


adhilābhāṃśaḥ, vetanādhikadānam   

vetanāt atiriktaṃ karmacāribhyaḥ dīyamānaṃ dhanam।

dīpāvalyāḥ samaye sarve karmacāriṇaḥ adhilābhāṃśam apekṣyante।



vyākaraṇe tat kārakaṃ yat ekasya vastunaḥ anyasmāt viyogaṃ darśayati।

apādānasya pratyayāḥ ṅasi bhyām bhyasya ityete santi iti pāṇininā uktam।



vivāhavidhiviśeṣaḥ, varāya kanyāsampradānam;

kanyādānaṃ tu sarveṣāṃ dānānām uttamaṃ smṛtam



svayaṃsevakaiḥ kṛtaṃ niśulkaṃ kāryam।

śramadānasya kṛte utsāhitāḥ janāḥ sammilitāḥ।



devatāyāḥ agre dīpaprajvalanasya kāryam।

mātā pratidine prātaḥ tathā ca sāyaṃkāle dīpadānaṃ karoti।


pradānam, dānam   

apapradānagrahaṇasya kriyā।

pradānena anyāyaṃ vardhate।


pratyāhāraḥ, upādānam, pratyāharaṇam   

aṣṭāṅgayogasya ekam aṅgam, yasmin svasvaviṣayebhyaḥ indriyāṇāṃ nivartanaṃ kṛtvā cittaikāgryaṃ kriyate।

pratyāhārasya abhāvena sādhanā kartuṃ na śakyate।


atidānam, bahudānam   

aparimitadānam athavā atyadhikadānam।

kṛṣṇāt atidānaṃ prāpya sudāmnaḥ jīvanaṃ sukhakaraṃ jātam।


pratidānam, pratyāpattiḥ   

pratyarpitasya dhanasya pratyāgataṃ dhanam।

vetanāt adhikasya ūnitasya karasya varṣānantaramapi pratidānaṃ na prāptam।


madaḥ, dānam   


hastinaḥ asya gaṇḍasthalāt madaḥ nirgacchati।


udakakāryam, udakadānam   

mṛtāya jalasya dānasya kriyā।

teṣāṃ sarve sambandhinaḥ udakakārye sammilitāḥ।


abhayadānam, abhayavacanam   

bhayāt rakṣaṇārthaṃ dattasya vacanasya kriyā।

rājā bandine abhayadānaṃ dattavān।



kasmādapi api manuṣyāt svīkṛtasya dhanasya tasmai punaḥ dānam।

karmakarāṇāṃ vyayasya pratidānam idānīṃ paryantaṃ na kṛtam।


bhojanam, āharadānam, annadānam   

kavalapradānaiḥ bhakṣayaṇam।

bālānām āhāradānād anantaram sā agacchat।



kṣamāyāḥ dānam।

rājā duṣṭāya mantriṇe kṣamādānam akarot।


apapradānam, lañcā, utkocaḥ   

anucitaṃ kāryaṃ svānukūlīkaraṇāya anucitarītyā alpamātrāyāṃ pradattaṃ dhanadravyādikam।

asya kāryasya kṛte saḥ mahyam apapradānaṃ dātuṃ prāyatata।



ekā kṛtiḥ ।

saṃskṛta-vāṅmaye prāyaścittādigodānam iti khyātā racanā

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