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cyavanam: neuter nominative singular stem: cyavana
cyavanam: masculine accusative singular stem: cyavana
cyavanam: neuter accusative singular stem: cyavana
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cyavanam च्यवनम् 1 Moving motion. -2 Being deprived of, loss; deprivation. -3 Dying, perishing. -4 Sinking, falling. -5 Departure, deviation. -6 Flowing, trickling.
paricyavanam परिच्यवनम् 1 Descending from heaven. -2 Loss, deprivation of.
pracyavanam प्रच्यवनम् 1 Departing, retreating, withdrawal. -2 Loss, deprivation. -3 Oozing, dropping (क्षरण).
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cyavanam the great sage Cyavana MuniSB 9.3.10

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