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codati: neuter locative singular stem: codat.
codati: masculine locative singular stem: codat.
codati: third person singular present present class 1 parasmaipadacud
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cud cl.1. c/odati-, te- (subjunctive c/odat-; imperative da-, data-, dasva-,(2. dual number) dethām-; Aorist 2. sg. codīs-; pr. p. See a-cod/at-), to impel, incite, animate ; to bring or offer quickly (as the soma-) ; A1. to hasten : Causal cod/ayati-, rarely te- (subjunctive 2. sg. yāsi-, yāse-; Aorist acūcudat- ; parasmE-pada cod/ayat-;Pan. codyamāna-), to sharpen, whet (confer, compare ) ; ; to impel, incite, cause to move quickly, accelerate etc. ; (with cakṣus-) to direct (the eye) towards (locative case) ; to inspire, excite, animate ; to request, petition, ask, urge on, press or importune with a request etc. ; help on, assist in the attainment of (dative case) ; to bring or offer quickly, ; to ask for ; to inquire after ; to enjoin, fix, settle ; to object, criticise ; to be quick ; ([ confer, compare , ; Latin cudo.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pracudP. -codati-, to set in motion, drive on, urge, impel : Causal -codayati- idem or 'mfn. ( car-) come forth, appeared ' ( hasten, make haste, ) etc. ; to excite, inspire ; to command, summon, request, demand etc. ; to announce, make known, proclaim View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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