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cetayat: neuter nominative singular causative stem: cetayat.
cetayat: neuter accusative singular causative stem: cetayat.
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चैतयत(fr. cetayat-) See caikay-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
चित् cl.1. c/etati- (imperfect tense acetat- ; parasmE-pada c/etat- ) cl.2. (A1. Passive voice 3. sg. cit/e-, ; parasmE-pada f. instrumental case citantyā-, ; A1. citāna-, ) cl.3. irreg. cīhetati- (; subjunctive ciketat- ; imperative 2. sg. cikiddhi- ; parasmE-pada cikitān/a- ; perf. cik/eta- etc.; ciceta- ;3. dual number cetatur- ; A1.and Passive voice cikit/e- etc.;3. plural tre- ;for parasmE-pada cikitv/as-See sub voce, i.e. the word in the Sanskrit order; A1. Passive voice cicite- ; Aorist acetīt- ; A1. Passive voice /aceti-and c/eti- ;for acait-See 2. ci-; future 1st c/ettā-, ) to perceive, fix the mind upon, attend to, be attentive, observe, take notice of (accusative or genitive case) ; to aim at, intend, design (with dative case) ; to be anxious about, care for (accusative or genitive case), ; to resolve, ; to understand, comprehend, know (perf. often in the sense of proper) ; P. A1. to become perceptible, appear, be regarded as, be known : Causal cet/ayati-, te- (2. plural cet/ayadhvam- subjunctive cetayat- imperative 2. dual number cetayethām- imperfect tense /acetayat- ;3. plural cit/ayante- ; parasmE-pada cit/ayat- (eleven times); cet/ayat-, ; A1. cetayāna-See sub voce, i.e. the word in the Sanskrit order) to cause to attend, make attentive, remind of. ; to cause to comprehend, instruct, teach ; to observe, perceive, be intent upon ; A1. (once P. ) to form an idea in the mind, be conscious of, understand, comprehend, think, reflect upon ; P. to have a right notion of. know ; P. "to recover consciousness", awake ; A1. to remember, have consciousness of (accusative) ; to appear, be conspicuous, shine : Desiderative c/ikitsati- (fr. kit- ;exceptionally A1. ; imperative tsatu- subjunctive tsāt- Aorist 2. sg. /acikitsīs- ; Passive voice parasmE-pada cikitsyamāna- ) to have in view, aim at, be desirous ; to care for, be anxious about, ; ( ) to treat medically, cure ; to wish to appear : Causal of Desiderative (future cikitsayiṣyati-) to cure : Intensive cekite- (fr.2. ci-?,or for tte- ; parasmE-pada c/ekitat-, ; A1. c/ekitāna- eight times) to appear, be conspicuous, shine View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
प्रचित्P. A1. -ciketti-, -cikitte-, to know or make known ; to become visible or manifest, appear : Causal -cetayati-, to make known, cause to appear ; (A1.) to appear : Desiderative -cikitsati-, to show, point out View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
संचित्(only perfect tense parasmE-pada P. -cikitv/as-,and 3. plural perfect tense A1. -cikitre-and -cikitrire-), to observe together, survey, notice ; to agree together, be unanimous : Causal -cetayati- (pr. p. -cetayamāna-), to observe, be aware of. perceive View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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pra cetayati ketunā RV.1.3.12b; VS.20.86b; N.11.27b.
eṣa net tvad apacetayātai # VS.2.17d; KS.1.12d; śB. See ned eṣa.
ned eṣa yuṣmad (TSṭB. tvad) apacetayātai # TS.; MS.4.1.14d: 20.6; TB.; Mś. See eṣa net.
pra cetasā cetayate anu dyubhiḥ # RV.9.86.42b.
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cetayate animatesSB 8.1.9
cetayate is brought into animationSB 8.1.9
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