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लोकm. the wide space or world (either"the universe"or,"any division of it", especially "the sky or heaven" ; 3 loka-s are commonly enumerated, viz. heaven, earth, and the atmosphere or lower regions; sometimes only the first two; but a fuller classification gives 7 worlds, viz. bhū-loka-, the earth; bhuvar-loka-, the space between the earth and sun inhabited by muni-s, siddha-s etc.; svarloka-, indra-'s heaven above the sun or between it and the polar star; maharloka-, a region above the polar star and inhabited by bhṛgu- and other saints who survive the destruction of the 3 lower worlds; janarloka-, inhabited by brahmā-'s son sanat-kumāra- etc.; tapar-loka-, inhabited by deified vairāgin-s; satya-loka- or brahma-- loka-, abode of brahmā-, translation to which exempts from rebirth; elsewhere these 7 worlds are described as earth, sky, heaven, middle region, place of re-births, mansion of the blest, and abode of truth; sometimes 14 worlds are mentioned, viz. the 7 above, and 7 lower regions called in the order of their descent below the earth --- a-tala-, vi-tala-, su-tala-, rasā-tala-, talā-tala-, mahā-tala-, and pātāla-; see ) etc.
साध्यm. (plural) "they that are to be propitiated", Name of a class of celestial beings (belonging to the gaṇa-devatā- q.v,sometimes mentioned in the veda- [see ];in the their world is said to be above the sphere of the gods;according to yāska-[ ] their locality is the bhuvarloka- or middle region between the earth and sun;in , the sādhya-s are described as created after the gods with natures exquisitely refined, and in , as children of the soma-sad-s, sons of virāj-;in the purāṇa-s they are sons of sādhyā-, and their number is variously twelve or seventeen;in the later mythology they seem to be superseded by the siddha-sSee siddha-;and their names are manas-, mantṛ-, prāṇa-, nara-, pāna-, vinirbhaya-, naya-, daṃśa-, nārāyaṇa-, vṛṣa-, prabhu-) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
सिद्धm. a siddha- or semidivine being of great purity and perfection and said to possess the eight supernatural faculties (See 2. siddhi-; according to to some, the siddha-s inhabit, together with the muni-s etc., the bhuvar-loka- or atmosphere between the earth and heaven; according to to eighty-eight thousand of them occupy the regions of the sky north of the sun and south of the seven ṛṣi-s;they are regarded as immortal, but only as living to the end of a kalpa- [ quod vide ];in the later mythology the are some times confused with the; sādhya-s [ quod vide ] or take their place) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bhuvar भुवर् भुवस् ind. 1 The atmosphere, ether (the second of the three worlds, the one immediately above the earth). -2 A mystic word, one of the three Vyāhṛitis, (भूर्भुवःस्वः).
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pṛthivi bhūvari (so Apś. with haplography; KS. vibhūvari) sinīvāly urandhra (KS. uraṃdha) ācitte manas te bhuvo vivaste KS.35.3; Apś.14.17.3.
oṃ bhūr lakṣmīr bhuvar lakṣmīḥ svaḥ (MahānU. suvaḥ) kālakarṇī # MahānU.4.9; NṛpU.4.2.
jayanty abhibhūvarī # RV.10.159.5b; AVP.2.41.5b; Apś.1.16.5b.
pṛthivi vibhūvari etc. # see pṛthivi bhūvari.
bṛhadrathaṃtare ma ūrū vāmadevyam ātmā yajñāyajñīyaṃ pratiṣṭhā bhūr ahaṃ bhuvar ahaṃ svar aham aśmāham aśmākhaṇaḥ sutrāmāṇam # śś.6.3.8.
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bhuvarlokaḥ the Bhuvarloka planetary systemSB 2.5.42
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bhuvarloka noun (masculine) one of the Lokas
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