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bhavatu: third person singular present imperative class 1 parasmaipadabhū
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prohibitive ad. cj. (=Gk. mh/) not, O that not; that not, in order that not: 1. with impv.; 2. with potential (not common), may not! will not, I hope; 3. with subj. impf. (rare), aor. (very common), which in C.=in dicative without the augment (the ind. with the augment occurs, but very rarely, gnly. in E.); 4. with fut.=in order that not (C., E., not common); 5. with pr. pt. (very rare: e.g. mâ gîvan, he deserves not to live); 6. with pp., e.g. gatah sa mâ, he cannot have gone (very rare); 7. elliptically without a verb, not so! mâ mâ, mâ mâ½evam, mâ tâvat, not so! yathâ mâ, in order that not; bhavatu mâ vâ½astu, be it or not; mâ katham nu bha vatu, how should not be? mâ bhûd âgatah, can he not have arrived?=surely he must have arrived; mâ nâma rakshinah, heaven forbid that it should be the warders! mâ na, with aor. subj.=ind. without a negative (C.; very rare); m&asharp;½u (mó), and not (prohibitive; V.); mâ sma (with impv. or aor. subj.), not (prohibitive), in order that not; sma m&asharp;, mó sma, id. (Br.); mâ -mâ½uta, not -nor.
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