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bādh cl.1 A1. () bādhat/e-, Epic and mc. also P. ti- (perfect tense babādh/e- ; Aorist bādhiṣṭa- , bādhiṣṭām- ; future bādhiṣyate-, ti- etc., bādhitā- grammar; infinitive mood b/ādhe- , bādhitum- ; ind.p. bādhitvā-See sub voce, i.e. the word in the Sanskrit order, b/ādhya- ), to press, force, drive away, repel, remove etc. ; (with v/arīyas-) to force asunder ; to harass, pain, trouble, grieve, vex etc. ; to resist, oppose, check, stop, prevent etc. ; to set aside (as a rule), annul, invalidate etc. ; to suffer annoyance or oppression : Passive voice bādhyate-, to be pressed etc. ; to be acted upon, suffer : Causal bādhayati- (Aorist ababādhat- ), to oppress, harass, attack, trouble, vex : Desiderative bibādhiṣate-, to wish to remove or chase away ; bhatsate-, to feel an aversion for, loathe, shrink from (ablative) etc. (see ) Intensive bābadhe- (See pra-bādh-) ; badbodh/e-, to press hard, hem in, confine ; pr. p. badbadhān/a-, striking, knocking against (accusative) ; hemmed in, pent up, [Cf. vadh-,also for kindred words.]

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