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bharati: third person singular present present class 1 parasmaipadabhṛ
bharati: neuter locative singular stem: bharat.
bharati: masculine locative singular stem: bharat.
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bhṛ cl.1 P. A1. () bh/arati-, te- ; cl.3 P. A1. () b/ibharti- (bibh/arti-only ), bibhṛte- ; cl.2 P. bh/arti- (parasmE-pada P. b/ibhrat-, q.v; A1. bibhrāṇa-with act. meaning , bibhramāṇa-with pass. meaning ; perfect tense jabh/āra-, jabh/arat-; jabhre-, ajabhartana- ; babhāra-, babhṛma- etc.; parasmE-pada babhrāṇ/a-with pass. meaning ; bibharāmbabhūva- , rām-āsa- ; Aorist abhār- ; bhart/am-, bhṛt/am- ; abhṛta- grammar; abhārṣam- subjunctive bharṣat- ; abhāriṣam- ; preceding bhriyāsam-, yāt- ; future bhariṣyati- Conditional /abhariṣyat- ; bhart/ā- ; infinitive mood bh/artum-, bh/artave-, bh/artav/ai-,Ved.; bh/aradhyai- ; ind.p. -bh/ṛtya- etc.) , to bear, carry, convey, hold ("on"or"in" locative case) etc. ; to wear id est let grow (hair, beard, nails) etc. ; to balance, hold in equipoise (as a pair of scales) ; to bear id est contain, possess, have, keep (also"keep in mind") etc. ; to support, maintain, cherish, foster ; to hire, pay ; to carry off or along (A1. bharate-,"for one's self" id est gain, obtain, or =ferri"to be borne along") ; to bring, offer, procure, grant, bestow etc. ; to endure, experience, suffer, undergo ; to lift up, raise (the voice or a sound; A1. bharate-,also "to rise, be heard") ; to fill (the stomach) ; (with garbham-) to conceive, become pregnant (confer, compare under dhṛ-) ; (with kṣitim-) to take care of, rule, govern ; (with, ājñām-) to submit to, obey ; (with ūrjām-) to exert, employ : Passive voice bhriy/ate- (Epic also ti-; Aorist abhāri-), to be borne etc. etc. etc.: Causal bhārayati- (Aorist abībharat-), to cause to bear etc. ; to engage for hire : Desiderative b/ubhūrṣati- ( ), bibhariṣati- () , to wish to bear or support or maintain: Intensive b/aribharti- (3. plural bhrati- , where also 2. dual number jarbhṛt/aḥ-), barībharti- (), to bear repeatedly or continually, carry hither and thither. [ confer, compare Zend bar; Greek ; Latin fero; Slavonic or Slavonian brati; Gothic bai4ran; German beran,ge-ba0ren; English bear.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bharatam. of a particular agni- (father of bharata- and bharatī-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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"bharati" has 1 results.
subodhinīname given to (1) a commentary on the Siddhantakaumudi by Kshamaunin or Jayakrshamaunin; (2) a commentary on the Sarasvata Vyakarana by Amritabharati : (3) a commentary on the Sarasvata Vyakarana by Candrakirti.

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