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bhanakti: third person singular present present class 7 parasmaipadabhañj
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bhañj cl.7 P. () bhanakti- (perfect tense babh/añja- etc., 3. plural A1. babhañjire- ; Aorist abhāṅkṣīt- ; future bhaṅkṣyati-, ktā- ; ind.p. bhaṅktvā-, bhaktvā-or -bhajya- ), to break, shatter, split etc. ; to break into, make a breach in (a fortress, with accusative) ; to rout, put to flight, defeat (an army) ; to dissolve (an assembly) ; to break up id est divide (a sūtra-) ; to bend ; to check, arrest, suspend, frustrate, disappoint etc.: Passive voice bhajy/ate- (Epic also ti-; Aorist abhāji-or abhañji- ), to be broken or break (intr.) etc. etc. etc.: Causal bhañjayati- (Aorist ababhañjat-) grammar : Desiderative bibhaṅkṣati- : Intensive bambhajyate- or jīti- [Perhaps for originally bhrañj-; confer, compare bhraj-; Latin frangere,nau-fraga; German brechen; English break.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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