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bhajati: third person singular present present class 1 parasmaipadabhaj
bhajati: neuter locative singular stem: bhajat.
bhajati: masculine locative singular stem: bhajat.
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bhaj cl.1 P. A1. () bh/ajati-, te- (2. sg. as imperative bhakṣi- ; perfect tense P. babh/āja- A1. bhej/e- etc.;2. sg. babhaktha- ; bhejitha- ; Aorist P.2. 3. sg. abhāk- ; abhākṣīt-, kṣus- ; subjunctive bhakṣat- ; A1. /abhakṣi-, kta- etc.; preceding A1. bhakṣīy/a- ;3. sg. kṣīṣṭa- ; kṣīta- ; future bhakṣyati-, te- etc.; bhajiṣyati-, te- etc.; bhaktā- grammar; infinitive mood bhaktum- etc.; bhajitum- ; ind.p. bhaktvā- etc., tvāya- ; -bhajya-and -bh/ājam- ), to divide, distribute, allot or apportion to (dative case or genitive case), share with (instrumental case) etc. ; (A1.) to grant, bestow, furnish, supply ; A1. (rarely P.) to obtain as one's share, receive as (two accusative), partake of, enjoy (also carnally) , possess, have (accusative,Ved. also genitive case) ; (A1.,rarely P.) to turn or resort to, engage in, assume (as a form) , put on (garments) , experience, incur, undergo, feel, go or fall into (with accusative, especially of abstract noun exempli gratia, 'for example' bhītim-,to feel terror; nidrām-,to fall asleep; maunam-,to become silent) etc. ; to pursue, practise, cultivate ; to fall to the lot or share of (accusative) etc. ; to declare for, prefer, choose (exempli gratia, 'for example' as a servant) ; to serve, honour, revere, love, adore etc.: Causal bhāj/ayati-, te- (Aorist abībhajuḥ- , ababhājat- grammar), to divide ; to deal out, distribute ; to cause any one (accusative) to partake of or enjoy (accusative or genitive case) ; to put to flight, pursue, chase, drive into (accusative) ; to cook, dress (food) : Desiderative bibhakṣati-, te- (confer, compare bhikṣ-): Intensive bābhajyate-, bābhakti-, [ confer, compare Greek , ; Latin fa1gus; Gothic Old S.bo1k; German Buch,Buchstabe; English buck-,beech.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bhajati a person worshipsSB 11.25.10
bhajati acceptsSB 4.31.21
bhajati achievesSB 7.2.46
bhajati cares forSB 4.31.22
bhajati enjoysBs 5.47
SB 5.11.8
bhajati he takes onSB 10.87.38
bhajati renders devotional serviceBG 15.19
bhajati serves in devotional serviceBG 6.31
bhajati worshipsSB 10.60.45
SB 11.14.25
na bhajati does not worshipSB 10.51.45
na bhajati he does not worshipSB 10.51.46
na bhajati does not worshipSB 10.51.45
na bhajati he does not worshipSB 10.51.46
vibhajati divides their portionSB 10.8.29

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