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bhairavam: neuter nominative singular stem: bhairava
bhairavam: masculine accusative singular stem: bhairava
bhairavam: neuter accusative singular stem: bhairava
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bhairavam1.7.19MasculineSingularbhīṣaṇam, pratibhayam, bhīṣmam, ghoram, bhīmam, bhayānakam, dāruṇam, bhayaṅkaramhorrer
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bhairavamind. bhairava
bhairavamantram. Name of work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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"bhairavam" has 1 results.
bhairavamiśraone of the reputed grammarians of the latter half of the eighteenth century and the first half of the nineteenth century who wrote commentaries on several prominent works on grammar. He was the son of भवदेव and his native place was Prayāga. He has written the commentary called Candrakalā on the Laghuśabdenduśekhara, Parikṣā on the Vaiyākaraṇabhũṣanasāra, Gadā called also Bhairavī or Bhairavīgadā on the Paribhāṣenduśekhara and commentaries (popularly named Bhairavī) on the Śabdaratna and Lingānuśāsana. He is reported to have visited Poona, the capital of the Peśawas and received magnificent gifts for exceptional proficiency in Nyāya and Vyākaraṇa. For details see pp. 24 and 25 Vol. VII . Pātañjala Mahābhāṣya D. E. Society's Edition.
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