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agniṣ ṭe tejaḥ prayachatv indra indriyaṃ pitryāṃ bandhutām # MS.2.2.5: 18.20. P: agniṣ ṭe tejaḥ Mś.
iheha vo manasā bandhutā naraḥ # RV.3.60.1a; AB.4.30.6; KB.20.2; 22.1. P: iheha vaḥ Aś.7.5.23; śś.10.2.7.
enā jāgāra bandhutā # RV.10.144.5d.
maho rujāmi bandhutā vacobhiḥ # RV.4.4.11a; TS.; MS.4.11.5a: 173.14; KS.6.11a.
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