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bakuram. (prob.) a horn, trumpet (or other wind instrument used in battle; see bākura-, bekurā-) ("a thunderbolt, lightning") . View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bakura बकुर a. Horrible. -रः 1 Lightning; thunderbolt. -2 A wind instrument used in battle; अभि दस्युं बकुरेणा धमन्ता Ṛ.v.1.117.21. (Naighaṇtuka gives the first meaning.)
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bakura Is mentioned in one passage of the Rigveda, where it is said that the Aśvins made light for the Aryan by blowing their Bakura against the Dasyus. According to the Nirukta, the thunderbolt is meant; but much more probable is Roth’s view, that the object blown was a musical instrument. See also Bākura.
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dhamanti bākuraṃ dṛtim RV.9.1.8b; JB.2.396.
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