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bahisind. (the final s-is changed before k-and p-into -; see ) out, forth, outwards, outside (a house, village, city, kingdom etc.;also with ablative or in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound' = out of, apart from, except, beside) (with kṛ-,to place outside, expel, banish, exclude;with bhū-,to come forth;with gam-,or -,to go out etc.; see compound) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bahistanvamfn. one whose limbs extend over the body (of the fire-altar) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bahistapasn. outward penance, View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bahis बहिस् ind. 1 Out of, outside (with abl.); निवस- न्नावसथे पुराद्बहिः R.8.14;11.29. -2 On the outside, out of doors (opp. अन्तः); बहिर्गच्छ -3 Externally, outwardly; अन्तर्बहिः पुरत एव विवर्तमानाम् Māl.1.4,14; H. 1.94 -4 Apart, separately. -5 Beside, except. -Comp. -अङ्ग a. outer, external. (-गम्) 1 an external part. -2 an outer limb. -3 property. -4 a stranger. -5 the preliminary part of a religious ceremony. -6 What is remotely related or connected; अन्तरङ्गबहिरङ्गयोरन्तरङ्गं बलीयः ŚB. on MS.12.2.29. -अर्थः an external object. -इन्द्रियम् an external organ or sense, an organ of action. -उपाधिः an external condition or circumstance; न खलु बहिरुपाधीन् प्रीतयः संश्रयन्ते Māl.1.24. -कुटीचरः a crab. -गीतम् a song accompanied by a stringed instrument. -गेहम् ind. out of doors, abroad. -चर a. outer, external, outward; बहिश्चराः प्राणाः Dk. (-रः) a crab. -तपस् n. outward penance. -दृश् a. superficial (in judgment). -देशः 1 a foreign country. -2 the outskirts of a village. -3 a place without a town or village. -द्वारम् an outer door. ˚प्रकोष्ठकम् a portico. -निःसारणम् expulsion. -पवमानम् a Sāma in the Somayāga; ते ह यथैवेदं बहिष्पवमानेन स्तोष्यमाणाः संरब्धाः Ch. Up.1.12.4. -प्रज्ञ a. One whose knowledge is directed towards external objects; बहिष्प्रज्ञो विभुर्विश्वो ह्यन्तः प्रज्ञस्तु तैजसः Āgama.1. -प्राणः 1 the external or outer breath or life; (hence) anything as dear as life. -2 money; Bhāg.5.14.5. -भव a. external. -भवनम् emanation. -भूत a. 1 expelled. -2 expired (time &c.). -3 inattentive, careless. -मनस् a. being outside the mind; external. -मनस्क a. out of mind. -मुख a. 1 turning one's face away from. -2 averse from, indifferent to. -3 greatly devoted to external things. -4 coming out of the mouth. (-खः) a god or deity. -यात्रा, -यानम् excursion, expedition abroad. -यूति a. placed or fastened outside. -योगः 1 external meditation. -लम्ब a. obtuse-angled. (-म्बः) an obtuseangled triangle. -लापिका a kind of enigma. -वर्तिन् a. being on the outside. -वासस् n. an outer or upper garment. -विकारः syphilis. -a. ind. free from change; बहिर्विकारं प्रकृतेः पृथग् विदुः Śi.1.33. -वृत्तिः f. an external aspect or appearance; अन्तर्विषमया ह्येता बहिर्वृत्त्या मनोरमाः । गुञ्जाफलसमाकाराः स्वभावादेव योषितः ॥ Pt.4.87. -व्यसनम् licentiousness, immorality, evil or lewd practices -व्यसनिन् a. dissolute, lewd. -संस्थ a. lying or situated outside (the town). -स्थ, -स्थित a. external, outer.
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bahis ad. outside (the house, town, country, etc.); out of doors (go, etc.); prp. from without, outside or out of (ab. or --°ree;); -ish kri, expel, banish, exclude from (ab. or lc.); put aside, abandon, renounce: pp. -krita, taken out of, expelled from (ab.); abandoned by (--°ree;); shut off by=dwelling beyond (in.); excluded from (ab. or --°ree;); free from, destitute of, refraining from (in. or --°ree;); become apparent, manifested, embodied; r gata, pp. id.; r bhû, come forth, from (ab.).
bahistapas n. external asceticism.
Bloomfield Vedic
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bahis te (AVś.AVP.KS. bahiṣ ṭe) astu bāl iti AVś.1.3.1e--5e; AVP.1.4.1e--4e (but 2e should be disregarded, see note to 2a, indreṇa varuṇena etc.); TS.; KS.13.9d; Apś.9.19.4.
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bahis indeclinable apart from (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
except (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
forth (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
outside (a house) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
outwards (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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bāhya, bāhīka, bahistha, vahirvartin, bahirbhūta, bahirbhava   

bahiḥ vartate iti।

bhavatāṃ rugṇaḥ bāhye kakṣe asti।

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