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atijagatīf. Name of a class of metres (belonging to those called aticchandas-,and consisting of four lines, each containing thirteen syllables). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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atijagatī अतिजगती [अतिक्रान्ता जगतीं द्वादशाक्षरपादां एकाक्षराधिक्यात्] N. of a class of metres belonging to the अतिच्छन्दस् class, with 13 letters in each line (प्रथमा$तिजगत्यासां सा द्विपञ्चाशदक्षरा.)
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atijagatī f. a metre (4 X 13 syllables).
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atijagatīone of the varieties of-in fact, the first variety of-the Aticchandas metre, which see a reference to some preceding word, not necessarily on the same page.: this Atijagatī consists of 52 syllables.e. g. तमिन्द्रे जोहवीमि मघवानमुग्रम् Ṛk. Saṁh.8.97.13 cf, प्रथमातिजगत्यासां सा द्विपञ्चाशदक्षरा Ṛgvedaprātiśākhya by Śaunaka ( Sanskrit Sāhityapariṣad Edition, Calcutta.) XVI.80.

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