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aticiramind. a very long time View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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aticiram अतिचिरम् adv. Very long; ˚रं मया कृतं Ratn.1. I have been very late; नातिचिरं गतायां च तस्याम् K.178 she had not long left when &c. अतिच्छत्रः aticchatrḥ ग्रा grā च्छत्रका cchatrakā अतिच्छत्रः ग्रा च्छत्रका [अतिक्रान्तः छत्रं तुल्याकारेण] A mushroom, anise, principally Anesum or Anethum Sowa (Mar. शोपा) N. of another plant, Barleria Longifolia. (˚त्रः is said by Amara to be जलतृणभेदः) (Mar. शेतगवत); and ˚त्रा = शतपुष्पा (Mar. शोप).
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aticiram ad. too long.
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aticiram indeclinable a very long time (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 31516/72933
anaticiram indeclinable not too long (temp.)
Frequency rank 31712/72933
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