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tap cl.1. t/apati- (rarely A1.; subjunctive pāti- ; parasmE-pada t/apat- etc.; cl.4. parasmE-pada t/apyat- ; perfect tense 1. sg. tat/apa- ;3. sg. t/āpa-, ; parasmE-pada tepān/a- ; future tapsy/ati- etc.: te-& tapiṣyati- ) to give out heat, be hot, shine (as the sun) etc. ; to make hot or warm, heat, shine upon ; to consume or destroy by heat ; to suffer pain ; (with paścāt-) to repent of ; to torment one's self, undergo self-mortification, practise austerity (tapas-) etc. ; to cause pain to, injure, damage, spoil Passive voice or cl.4 A1. tapy/ate- (;or t/apy- ; parasmE-pada py/amāna- ; t/apy-, ; confer, compare /a--; Aorist atāpi- ; atapta- ; perfect tense tepe- etc.; parasmE-pada pān/a- ;also P. tapyati-, pyet-, atapyat-,etc. ) to be heated or burnt, become hot etc. ; to be purified by austerities (as the soul) ; to suffer or feel pain etc. ; to suffer pain voluntarily, undergo austerity (tapas-) etc.: Causal tāpayati-, te- (parasmE-pada p/ayat- ; Passive voice pyate- etc.; Aorist atītape-& [Subj.] tat/apate- ) to make warm or hot, etc. ; to consume by heat etc. ; to cause pain, trouble, distress etc. ; to torment one's self, undergo penance, : Intensive (parasmE-pada tātapyamāna-) to feel violent pain, be in great anxiety ([ confer, compare Latin tepeoetc.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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atapyat he was painedSB 10.75.31
atapyat lamentedSB 10.75.32
atapyat lamented very muchSB 9.10.34
atapyata enviedSB 3.1.36
atapyata executed penanceSB 2.9.8
atapyata felt painSB 6.11.2-3
atapyata performedSB 6.4.49-50
anvatapyata became also very much aggrievedSB 4.28.13
anvatapyata sufferedSB 6.5.23
anvatapyata very much lamented (the absence of his son)SB 9.8.18
anvatapyata felt remorseSB 10.30.38
anvatapyata began to lamentCC Madhya 19.207-209
paryatapyat was afflictedSB 7.2.1
paryatapyat began to lamentSB 8.16.1
paryatapyata lamentedSB 6.18.38
paryatapyata became deeply troubledSB 10.56.15
pratapyate is painedSB 5.18.21
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