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evamind. (fr. pronominal base e- ;probably connected with 1. ev/a-), thus, in this way, in such a manner, such, (it is not found in the oldest hymns of the veda-, where its place is taken by 1. ev/a-,but occurs in later hymns ind. in the brāhmaṇa-s, especially in connection with vid-,"to know", and its derivatives[ exempli gratia, 'for example' ya evaṃ veda-,he who knows so; see evaṃ-v/id-, column 3];in classical Sanskrit evam-occurs very frequently, especially in connection with the roots vac-,"to speak", and śru-,"to hear", and refers to what precedes as well as to what follows[ exempli gratia, 'for example' evam uktvā-,having so said; evam evaitat-,this is so; evam astu-or evam bhavatu-,be it so, I assent; asty evam-,it is so; yady evam-,if this be so; kim evam-,how so? what is the meaning of it? what does this refer to? maivam-,not so! evam-- yathā-or yathā-- evam-,so - as]) etc.
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