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niṣad( sad-) P. -ṣīdati-, Ved. also -ṣadati- (imperfect tense ny-aṣīdat-,or ny-asīdat-;Ved. also -asadat-; perfect tense P. -ṣasāda-, -ṣedur- A1. -ṣedire- etc.; Aorist P. -ṣatsi-, -ṣatsat-; Passive voice ny-asādi- ; ind.p. -ṣadya- ;Ved. infinitive mood -ṣ/ade- ;for s-and - see ), to sit or lie down or rest upon (locative case) etc. ; to sink or go down (as a ship) ; to be afflicted, suffer pain ; to perform or celebrate by sitting (sattram-) ; (P. A1.) to set, found, establish, appoint : Causal -ṣādayati-, te- to cause to sit down, set down, appoint View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
śad cl.1.6. A1. () śīyate- (confer, compare ; non-conjugational tenses, ; perfect tense śaśada-, śeduḥ- ; future śatsyati- ; Aorist aśadat- grammar; future śattā- ; infinitive mood śattum- ), to fall, fall off or out : Causal śādayati-, to impel, drive on (cattle) ; śāt/ayati-, te- (confer, compare ) , to cause to fall off or out or asunder, hew or cut off, knock out etc. ; to fell, throw down, slay, kill ; to disperse, dispel, remove, destroy : Desiderative śiśatsati- grammar : Intensive śāśadyate-, śāśatti- [ confer, compare, according to to some, Latin cedo.]
sad cl.1. or cl.6. P. () sīdati- (Epic also te-;Ved. s/adati-or s/īdati-, te-; perfect tense sas/āda-, sas/attha-, sed/us-, sedir/e- ; sīdatus- ; sasadyāt-. ; Aorist asadat-[ confer, compare present tense stem-] grammar;2. 3. sg. s/atsi-, s/atsat- ; asādīt- ; future sattā- grammar; satsyati- ; sīdiṣyati- ; infinitive mood s/ade- ; sattum- ; sīditum- ; ind.p. -s/adya-, -s/adam- ; -sādam- ), to sit down (especially at a sacrifice), sit upon or in or at (accusative or locative case) ; to sit down before, besiege, lie in wait for, watch (accusative) ; to sink down, sink into despondency or distress, become faint or wearied or dejected or low-spirited, despond, despair, pine or waste away, perish etc. : Passive voice sadyate- (Aorist asādi-, sādi- ) : Causal sād/ayati-, te- (Aorist asīṣadat-), to cause to sit down or be seated, place down, put upon or in (locative case) etc. ; to put in distress, afflict, weary, exhaust, ruin, destroy etc.: Desiderative siṣatsati- grammar : Intensive sāsadyate- (grammar also sāsatti-), to sit down in an indecent posture [ confer, compare Greek for ; Latin sidere,sedere; Lithuanian se4sti,sede4ti; Slavonic or Slavonian se8sti; Gothic sitan; German sitzen; Anglo-Saxon sittan; English sit.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
upasadP. -sīdati- (Ved. Potential 1. plural -sadema-; imperfect tense -asadat-) to sit upon (accusative) ; to sit near to, approach (especially respectfully), revere, worship etc. etc. ; to approach (a teacher in order to become his pupil) ; to approach asking, request, crave for ; to approach in a hostile manner ; to possess ; to perform the upasad- ceremony (See below) : Causal -sādayati-, to place or put upon or by the side of ; to cause to approach, lead near (See upa-sādita-).
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asadat sadane sve Apś.5.27.1b.
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