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रुह् (see,1. rudh-) cl.1 P. ( ) r/ohati- (mc. also te-and ruhati-, te-; Vedic or Veda and Epic imperfect tense or Aorist aruhat-; Potential ruheyam-, -ruhethās-, -ruhemahi-; imperative ruha-, parasmE-pada r/uhāṇa-; perfect tense ruroha-, ruruh/uḥ- etc.; ruruhe- ; Aorist /arukṣat- etc.; future roḍhā- grammar; rokṣy/ati-, te- etc.; rohiṣye- ; infinitive mood roḍhum- etc.; rohitum- ; r/ohiṣyai- ; ind.p. rūḍhv/ā- , -r/uhya- etc.; -rūhya- ; -r/uham- ; -r/oham- ), to ascend, mount, climb ; to reach to, attain (a desire) ; to rise, spring up, grow, develop, increase, prosper, thrive etc. etc. (with na-,"to be useless or in vain" ) ; to grow together or over, cicatrize, heal (as a wound) etc.: Causal roh/ayati- or (later) ropayati-, te- (Aorist arūruhat-or arūrupat- grammar; Passive voice ropyate- Aorist aropi- ), to cause to ascend, raise up, elevate ; to place in or on, fix in, fasten to, direct towards (with accusative or locative case) ; to transfer to, commit, entrust (see ropita-) ; to put in the ground, plant, sow ; to lay out (a garden) ; to cause to grow, increase ; to cause to grow over or heal : Desiderative r/urukṣati- See ā-ruh-: Intensive roruhyate-, roroḍhi- grammar View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
उपज(for 2.See) mfn. ( jan-), additional, accessory ( reads upa-c/am-[1. ci-];See Weber's extracts from the commentator or commentary on the above passage, where reads correctly tricatura-māsād āropitam-instead of tṛcaturān mākhābapitam-[?]) .
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avaropita falsely imposed because of a poor fund of knowledgeSB 8.22.20
avaropi placed downSB 10.30.31
avaropitāni put into disorderSB 1.16.22
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praropita, viropita, saṃropita   

yasya āropaṇaṃ kṛtam।

sarve praropitāḥ kṣupāḥ uttamāḥ santi।



yad avaruhyate।

kṛṣakaḥ avaropitaṃ tālarasam āsvādayati।

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