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arcata: second person plural present imperative class 1 parasmaipadaṛc
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अभ्यर्च्(3. plural -arcanti-and imperfect tense -arcan-[ ];Imper. 2. sg. -arca-,2. plural -arcata-; A1.1. sg. -arce-and Aorist -arcase-[ ]) to praise, celebrate in song (instrumental case) ; (ind.p. -arcya-) to worship, reverence View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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arcata pra ca gāyata RV.6.45.4b.
arcata prārcata (SV. prārcata naraḥ) RV.8.69.8a; AVś.20.92.5a; SV.1.362a; AB.4.4.4; Aś.6.2.9.
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