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tathāind. t/athāpi- even thus, even so, nevertheless, yet, still, notwithstanding (correlative of yady api-[ etc.], api-[ ], api yadi-[ ], kāmam-[ ], varam-) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yadiind. y/ady /api- (rarely api yadi-),"even if","although"(followed by tathāpi-or tad api-or sometimes by no particle in the correlative clause) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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tathā ad. so, thus (corr. to yathâ, as, that; iva, as; yena, that); that is so; so be it, well, yes; so truly (in oaths); in like manner, also, likewise; tathâ ka, similarly, so also; tathâ½api, id.; nevertheless, yet (gnly. with corr. yadi½api, api yadi, kâmam, varam); tathâ hi, for so (it is), so for instance, that is to say, namely; tathâ½eva, just so, like wise, similarly (ka and api sometimes added); tathâ--yathâ, so-that; (so long) -till; yathâ tathâ, in whatever way, in this way or that, by all means; by commentators used to indicate that a word is used adverbially (in such a manner that it is --): with na, by no means, practically not; yathâ yathâ-tathâ tathâ, in whatever way--so, the more --the more; na tathâ, not so, untrue.
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