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anyasmin: masculine locative singular stem: anya
anyasmin: neuter locative singular stem: anya
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anyatraind. (equals anyasmin- locative case of 2. any/a-), elsewhere, in another place (with ablative) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tatasind. tato 'nyatra- equals tasmād anyasmin- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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tatas ad.=ab. sg. du. pl. of prn. ta, thence; there; thither; thereupon, then; therefore; itas tatas, (from) here and there, hither and thither; tatah katham, how is it then that --? tatah kim, what next?=pray go on; what would be the use of it? what can be the harm of it? does it not come to the same thing? tatah kshanât, -kshanam, immediately after; tatah param, besides this, more over; thereupon, afterwards;tatah paskât, after that, then; tatah prabhriti, thence forward; tatas tatah, (from) here and there, hither and thither, everywhere; what next? =pray go on; tato&zip;nyatah, to some other place;tato&zip;nyatra=tasmâd anyasmin; ta to&zip;param, later, afterwards, another time; yatas tatah, from whomsoever=indiscrimin ately; (from) wherever; yato yatah -tatas tatah (from) wherever -there (thence); whithersoever -thither.
Bloomfield Vedic
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anyo anyasminn adhyārpitāni AVś.8.9.19b.
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anyedyuḥ, divasāntare, anyasmin ahani, anyadine   

anyasmin dine।

anyedyuḥ kartavyam etad। / anyedyuḥ ātmānucarasya bhāvaṃ jijñāsamānā munihomadhenuḥ। [raghu.2.26]

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